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tulsa volunteers of america

Volunteers of America offers affordable housing, case management, and other resources to low-income families. The organization also refers residents to other community resources. They have units in several Oklahoma cities and counties. Residents can choose low-income apartment units or low-cost supportive housing. These facilities are available for people with low incomes and are ideal for seniors.

Provides housing

The Volunteers of America of Oklahoma provides low-income housing to low-income senior citizens, the elderly, and disabled people in Oklahoma. These housing units are maintained by a multi-disciplinary staff that helps their residents find stability and connect them to community resources. The agency also provides tenant social activities and other services to help residents stay active and involved in their communities.

The Volunteers of America of Oklahoma is led by Pam Richardson. The organization works with local veterans to provide them with affordable housing, help them find jobs, and help them become self-sufficient. Volunteers of America services have helped Richard Albritton, a combat medic in the Air Force, find a job in Tulsa. Albritton now works for the City of Tulsa.

Provides financial case management

The Volunteers of America Oklahoma chapter provides financial case management services to individuals with disabilities. The organization also provides early literacy and after-school programs. These services are designed to help individuals achieve their full potential. Additionally, the organization offers substance abuse counseling and free mobile health clinics. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for vulnerable Oklahomans.

This non-profit organization helps many people across the state. They help the homeless, low-income families, and veterans achieve stability. They also offer low-income housing and referrals to other community resources.

Helps people apply for disability

Volunteers of America is a local nonprofit organization that works to help Oklahoma’s most vulnerable citizens. With five offices in Oklahoma, the organization helps people apply for disability and other services. The agency also offers employment for veterans and low-cost housing for the elderly, disabled, and homeless.

The Oklahoma branch of Volunteers of America is a leading provider of residential care services. Dedicated to helping recipients reach their full potential, the organization provides case management and customized care to meet individual needs. Through the program, people with disabilities can access services that help them live independently and maintain a higher quality of life.

Has a long history of serving low-income families

Volunteers of America is a nonprofit organization with a long history of serving low-income communities. Founded in 1896 by social reformers Ballington Booth and his wife, Maud, the group is dedicated to improving the lives of people in need. Its mission is to “reach and lift up the American people.” Volunteers of America members have helped countless low-income individuals and families in countless ways. Some of these programs include summer camps, day nurseries, and free meals and clothing.

Volunteers of America is an organization that has a long history in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The organization began as a stagecoach guard in the early 1900s, ensuring the safety of passengers and drivers. Today, it is an organization that believes in the wisdom of the community, and believes that the people in the community know what they need best. While it’s still headquartered in Tulsa, the organization has expanded its services into nearby communities like Bernice and Muskogee.

Has an endowment fund with TCF

The Tulsa Volunteers of America has an endowment fund with the Tulsa Community Foundation (TCF). The TCF helps nonprofit organizations that provide services to Tulsa residents. It has a low donation fee and broad investment options. The fund helps nonprofit organizations with limited budgets. The TCF has raised over $1 million for local service organizations.

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