Volunteer Jobs in Canada For Foreigners

volunteer jobs in canada for foreigners

The vast country of Canada is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, rugged mountains, scraggly coastal line, and friendly inhabitants. It is located on the North American continent and has English and French as official languages. It is the second-largest country in the world and is home to numerous cultural and artistic attractions. It also boasts the third largest oil reserve in the world.


Workaway is an amazing way to travel to a new country while making a difference at the same time. The program gives you the opportunity to meet local people and contribute your skills to their daily lives. Volunteers can assist with various household tasks, childcare, and animal care. Some projects also provide accommodation, so it’s important to check the details with the host before traveling.

Workaway offers volunteer projects all over the world. The projects vary from farm work in Canada to restoring homes in France and teaching in Kenya. One Workaway article describes the experience of an amateur artist who painted murals. Other opportunities include helping with local food or cooking in the country. Some host websites even have a map where you can find volunteer opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable volunteer job in Canada, or a way to improve your language skills, Workaway can help you achieve your goals. You can work with locals in exchange for their accommodation and food. It’s also a great way to meet other people and exchange cultures while you’re in the country.

Although a Workaway volunteer job in Canada may not be free, it’s still one of the cheapest ways to travel to a new country. You’ll still need to budget money for airfare and other expenses. You’ll also need extra money to visit sights and eat out. It’s important to plan a budget for the duration of your volunteer job.

Worldpackers and Workaway are two popular sites that match foreigners with hosts. Both websites have thousands of listings around the world. You can sign up as an individual or with a travel companion. If you’re traveling solo, Worldpackers is a good option because it features a blogging platform and a community vibe. They also cater to new travelers and offer helpful tips.

Before you begin searching for a volunteer position, you should be clear about what you have to offer. Some positions do not require previous experience, while others will require specific skills. For example, if you have some experience with building projects, you can find a host who is looking for construction volunteers.


If you’re considering a career in the international development field, CANADEM has volunteer jobs for foreigners that fit your skills and interests. This organization connects international agencies with Canadian experts and volunteers who speak over 60 languages. CANADEM also screens candidates to ensure that they’ll be able to handle the stress of working in a field environment. The organization has a roster of more than 8000 qualified Canadian experts. The agency is able to respond quickly to staffing requests for international organizations. Its rapid screening process means that many candidates are ready to deploy in less than seven to ten days.

CANADEM volunteer jobs for foreigners include assignments in the development sector and peacebuilding. The organization’s mission is to promote international peace and security through international services. It manages and rosters expert volunteers who are willing to go to other countries to help develop communities and improve human conditions. Its partner organizations include Crossroads International, an international development organization dedicated to reducing global poverty.

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