Voluntary summer program for high school students

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You can jump into international adventures before finishing high school. Volunteer summer programs for high school students give you the opportunity to travel abroad and learn in an immersive way. Choose from community-focused or worldwide conservation programs for a summer vacation experience you’ll never forget.

You will work closely with other like-minded young people as you become involved in international development projects. Joining a summer volunteer program will push you outside your comfort zone, but it will also build your confidence and broaden your knowledge.

Maximize your vacation with this voluntary summer program for high school students.

Volunteer in community development and turtle conservation in Thailand

Voluntary summer programs for high school students can include community and conservation. In Southern Thailand, you can join the project which helps support green turtle conservation and contributes to the renovation of a local school. There’s plenty of time to see more of Thailand in this volunteer program. You’ll go on a guided tour of Phuket town and several national parks, learning about Thai culture and responsible tourism along the way.

Learn about rainforest and wildlife conservation in Costa Rica

Learn about rainforest conservation on the hot and humid Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. You’ll hike through the jungle through Cahuita National Park, and paddle through rainforest canals in a canoe. You will learn about the unique ecosystems and species that exist within the rainforest, see the monkeys, birds and amphibians that live in this lush environment.

As a volunteer, you will contribute to the protection of this ecologically rich area by carrying out biodiversity surveys and installing camera traps. This is a science-focused program, so you’ll be provided with training and mentorship from skilled leaders. You will come home with new skills, as well as a new appreciation for nature.

Help turtle and sea conservation in sunny Greece

Volunteer summer programs for high school students can be both relaxing and inspiring. On a turtle conservation program in Greece, you can bask in the sun in a historic town on a sparkling beach, after spending hours helping protect endangered sea turtles. Loggerhead turtles nest on the white sands of Giannitsochori. You’ll spend time on the beach doing surveys to track nesting activity and help protect nests from predators and seawater. GVI base is only a few minutes from the beach, so your leisure time will be a wonderful combination of sea, sun and sand. You’ll also have time to explore the beautiful region of the Peloponnese, with activities that introduce you to Greek culture, history and food.

Join an African wildlife conservation safari program

You can spend the summer in a private nature reserve in South Africa, spotting elephants, lions, cheetahs and other incredible wildlife. On a safari conservation awareness program, you can help track and record data on animals living in nature reserves. This will give you insight into conservation initiatives in South Africa, and a glimpse of what a career in this field could look like. Life on the savanna is a true immersion in one of the world’s greatest wilderness areas. As part of your program, you’ll also visit the Kruger National Park and take part in adventurous activities such as hiking, climbing and kayaking.

Contributing to community development programs in Nepal

Experience life in Pokhara, the gateway to the Himalayas, while contributing to a community development projects in Nepal. As a youth volunteer, you can help improve local educational facilities. Your responsibilities may include building classroom desks or installing drinking water tanks.

During your stay in Pokhara, you will visit Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries. To complete your Nepal experience, you will be taken on a guided journey through the foothills of the Himalayas. You’ll stay in Nepali teahouses along the trail, and enjoy incredible views of some of the tallest mountains on Earth.

Earn your PADI Open Water certificate and dive into Mexico’s marine conservation program

If you love the oceans and marine life, a PADI Open Water certification is your first step toward exploring more of the planet’s underwater ecosystems.

Gaining your first dive qualification as part of a voluntary summer program for high school students in Mexico ticks a lot of boxes. You will experience your first dive, earn certification, find out if a career in marine biology is right for you, and contribute to important conservation initiatives on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.

You might be involved in coral monitoring, collecting valuable data on turtle nesting, or taking part in beach cleanups. When you dive, you can see everything from colorful corals to graceful stingrays and even dolphins. There’s lots to do on land too. You can sample Mexican cuisine, visit Mayan ruins and enjoy life right beside the stunning Yucatán beaches.

Go on the adventure of a lifetime. Explore volunteer summer programs for high school students with GVI.

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