Human Resources Volunteer Jobs

As a human resources volunteer, you will be responsible for screening applicant resumes and assessing their qualifications. You will then contact those applicants who meet the required criteria by phone. Volunteers must follow specific documentation requirements and manage information for multiple locations. In addition, they must be goal-oriented, motivated to meet quotas, and have excellent phone communication skills.

Job duties

Volunteering in human resources can be rewarding and fulfilling. As a volunteer, you will meet the needs of the organization and help it to fulfill its mission. This position requires you to develop problem-solving skills, active listening, and good communication skills. Moreover, you will be required to adhere to the organization’s policies and rules and regulations. Volunteers are also required to be punctual and to maintain a professional demeanor in all contacts.

CalSHRM is always in need of volunteers who can bring their diverse skills and talents to the HR profession. Volunteering in the organization is a great opportunity to challenge yourself, gain new experiences, and grow professionally. The ideal candidate will have excellent leadership, coaching, and communication skills. They will also be able to make a positive difference in their community.

Volunteer program managers must be able to manage diverse populations. Although many begin their job without any formal training, they often supervise large numbers of people. HR has developed a body of knowledge around volunteer supervision, and emphasized the importance of training. This can go a long way in ensuring that volunteers are treated as a human and that you are more likely to handle difficult situations.


Human resources volunteer jobs often have a wide range of responsibilities, from planning and conducting research to interviewing candidates. The primary focus of a volunteer is to find qualified candidates. The ideal candidate will work collaboratively with recruiters and hiring managers to develop in-depth sourcing plans.

Volunteers should have experience in the field of human resources, and be passionate about helping others. HR professionals who have leadership experience and excellent coaching and communication skills are perfect for this type of job. They are encouraged to take on varied responsibilities to make a positive impact on the profession.

Volunteer managers need to understand the needs of both paid and unpaid volunteers. They should pay attention to these needs, as it will help them to achieve the organization’s mission. However, this approach is not effective if the volunteers are simply there for a paycheck. They may have other, more important motives.


Before a volunteer can begin work, they must meet certain requirements. They must complete an application, complete training, and be able to communicate effectively with people. They must also be able to follow directions and complete tasks accurately. Volunteers must also meet safety guidelines. They must adhere to regulations and follow directions to ensure the safety of their coworkers, clients, and other employees.

In some instances, a volunteer can be required to complete a background check. They may also be required to sign an agreement that is in line with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Depending on the organization, they may also be required to undergo a health screening. Volunteers in schools are typically screened by coordinators in individual schools. The HR office also reviews policies and procedures with volunteers. After completing these procedures, they can receive identification cards from the organization. Without these, they cannot access any buildings or offices.

Volunteers may report to a paid employee or another volunteer, but they should always be assigned a specific supervisor. Generally, the ratio of paid staff to volunteers is kept low. This ensures that the volunteers are not overburdened. For example, PAWS requires that every volunteer has a designated supervisor.

In addition to hiring volunteers with a salary, human resources should have proper training for volunteers. It will make their work more valuable and ease tension between paid and unpaid employees. Besides, having proper oversight will make your volunteers more effective. It will also prevent volunteers from running amok. That way, your volunteers will have an enjoyable experience.

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