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If you’re curious about Volunteers of America Minnesota and Wisconsin, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the mission and employees of this charity, and about the company’s competitors. This nonprofit works to improve lives by helping people in need by providing services and support.

About Volunteers of America Minnesota and Wisconsin

Volunteers of America Minnesota and Wisconsin is a mission-based organization that provides services to hundreds of community groups in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The organization currently employs around 800 people and serves over 13,600 people each year. Its core values are compassion, collaboration, and excellence. Its benefits package is comprehensive, and employees enjoy flexible work schedules.

The organization is dedicated to helping people overcome challenges and regain self-reliance. The organization offers more than 60 services geared toward various groups. Some of these services include mental health services, residential treatment, and educational services. It also provides service-enriched housing for seniors. The volunteer organization works with people to achieve their personal goals, including improving their quality of life.

Volunteers of America Minnesota and Wisconsin offers a wide range of job opportunities in a variety of sectors. Whether you want to work in a hospital or in a mental health clinic, there’s an opportunity for you. You can apply for a variety of positions and choose one that suits your skills, experience, and interests.

Its mission

Volunteers of America Minnesota has a mission to help people who are struggling to meet their basic needs. Since 1896, they have been helping people find self-reliance, dignity and hope. These services are provided through a variety of programs and services. Find out about the different programs and services offered by Volunteers of America Minnesota.

The most common demographics of Volunteers of America Minnesota and Wisconsin volunteers are Black or African-American. The organization has locations throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. There are several different types of volunteer opportunities available, including those with specialized skills. While the organization’s mission is the same, the nature of the work can vary.

Its employees

Volunteers of America Minnesota and its employees have a diversity of job descriptions. The company’s jobs range from a variety of positions in a wide range of departments, depending on your education and experience. In addition, you can choose from a number of different job titles and different locations within the Minnesota and Wisconsin locations.

The Volunteers of America Minnesota and its employees are committed to providing a variety of programs and services for Minnesotans in need. Currently, the organization operates more than 60 programs, employing more than 700 people and nearly 4,000 volunteers. Its programs benefit approximately 33,000 people with disabilities and special needs. It also offers health care, legal and financial assistance.

As part of its mission, the Volunteers of America Minnesota and its employees provide mental health services in Minnesota. Their mental health clinic is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services and is accredited by the Council on Accreditation. Additionally, the organization is a certified provider of Children’s Therapeutic Services and Support. The organization is also funded in part by a grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Its competitors

Zippia is a free online tool that provides a detailed analysis of Volunteers of America Minnesota and its competitors. Its data is based on self-reported information from employees, and it also includes proprietary information from other companies. These data sources include BLS data, company filings, H1B filings, and other public datasets.

In this report, you’ll find out how Volunteers of America Minnesota stacks up to its competitors in employee satisfaction and retention. Its employee satisfaction scores, for example, rank it 2nd in the nonprofit industry, while its competitors are ranked higher. In terms of employee satisfaction, Volunteers of America Minnesota is rated higher than The Salvation Army.

While Volunteers of America Minnesota and its competitors may be related to one another, they have different mission statements. In Minnesota, they specialize in the care of homeless and low-income people. The Salvation Army was founded in Britain in 1865 by William and Catherine Booth. The Salvation Army moved to America in 1887. Maud Booth, Ballington’s daughter-in-law, oversaw construction of the new headquarters.

While the organization is headquartered in Minnesota, its nationwide network of affiliates serve over 25,000 people each year. Their mission is to help vulnerable people regain self-reliance, dignity, and hope. Their programs include counseling, welfare, referral, disaster relief, and temporary housing services. The organization is governed by a diverse board of directors.

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