Volunteer Opportunities For Teens Near Me

volunteer opportunities for teens near me

Volunteering is a great way for teenagers to gain valuable experience in the community. By providing hands-on help in a local organization, they can build interpersonal skills while assisting those in need. There are many ways to volunteer, from helping to clean up after meals to reading to residents. Regardless of age or skill level, there are numerous opportunities for teens to help.

Food banks

Food banks and food pantries need help from teens, but there are many ways to get involved. Volunteering at a food bank can help you meet your community’s needs while building important skills. Volunteering with food banks also promotes civic responsibility and develops a sense of compassion. Depending on the food bank, teens can help with food distribution, create care packages for patients, or even host fundraisers for the food bank.

Teenagers can also help with disaster relief by volunteering with the American Red Cross. There are many ways to help, including organizing blood drives, tutoring programs, and clothing donation events. Other opportunities include getting involved with environmental issues by helping the Sierra Club. They have programs to help teens get involved in climate justice and organize nature outings.

Volunteering at food banks helps the community by helping the organization sort food and pack food boxes for those in need. Other volunteer activities include assisting at drive-thru pantries and mobile pantries, delivering meals to shelters, and gardening. Volunteer shifts vary from food pantry to food bank, and some organizations require a certain age to volunteer.

NYCares is a nonprofit organization that provides volunteer opportunities throughout the city. Volunteering with NYCares can range from weekly visits to one-time projects, depending on your preferences. Youth can participate in the organization’s annual day of service on April 21, where they will clean parks, plant community gardens, and refurbish public spaces.

Soup kitchens

There are several ways to volunteer at soup kitchens. For example, you can serve as a cook, wash dishes, or make deliveries. You can also take on other tasks, such as accounting or art. But most of all, you’ll have to be supervised by an adult.

Volunteers are needed year-round. Volunteers at food pantries can be useful in the winter. Summer is also a great time to volunteer, as many children rely on school lunches during the school year. Volunteers also are needed at survival centers to distribute free summer meals.

Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen is one such organization that is always looking for volunteers. This organization serves hundreds of people each day in New York City. It also holds a fast-a-thon in November, which encourages people to fast for a day. This fundraiser raises approximately $90,000.

Another great organization to volunteer with is City Harvest. This nonprofit organization was founded in 1982 by Helen VerDuin Palit. This organization is run by volunteers who organize neighborhood food programs. It needs volunteers to help with a variety of tasks, including cooking, socializing with the elderly, or working in the office. City Harvest also works with local restaurants to rescue and re-use surplus food.


If you’re interested in volunteering for a hospital, you can look into the many opportunities offered by local hospitals. There are many benefits to volunteering, including meeting new people and gaining experience. You can also learn about different careers in the health care field, while also doing something you love.

Volunteering at a hospital can help you build a career in healthcare. It can give you valuable experience interacting with patients and learning about the different departments within a large medical center. Most volunteer programs are held during summer breaks, but they can also be done during the school year. The time commitment required will vary depending on the program you join.

Volunteers at hospitals are required to commit a minimum of 150 hours per year. Volunteers typically work one day a week, but may work weekends if they can. The amount of time you spend at a hospital will depend on the site, but most hospitals require a commitment of at least two or three hours per week.

If you’re interested in volunteering in a hospital, there are plenty of opportunities in New York City. For example, the Mount Sinai Medical Center, part of Icahn School of Medicine, has many volunteer opportunities. Volunteers are an integral part of the patient experience and contribute to innovative research and service delivery. These volunteer positions are a great opportunity for high school students and even senior citizens to help out in their local community.

Nursing homes

Volunteering at nursing homes provides teens with a great opportunity to serve others. Nursing homes need volunteers to assist residents and provide a human connection to them. The volunteer’s presence improves the lives of the residents. In addition to the physical benefits of serving the residents, volunteers also give the nursing homes a chance to host more outings and special events.

Volunteers may work in a variety of positions in nursing homes. Some of these positions require training. Volunteers must be physically and mentally prepared to serve in these settings. Many nursing homes allow visitors to come visit the residents during specific visiting hours. Some require volunteers to wear masks. Volunteers may also be asked to take a flu shot. If they are interested in volunteering at a nursing home, check with your school to see if there are any other requirements.

Some organizations require volunteers to commit to three months of service. One such organization is DOROT, which matches volunteers with senior citizens to visit them at least twice a week. Another organization, Heights and Hills, seeks volunteers to check on seniors living alone in Brooklyn. Another organization, Be My Eyes, pairs volunteers with blind and visually impaired patients via video call.

Volunteering at a nursing home can help teens pursue a career in the medical field. Teens can work with elderly people as certified nursing assistants or phlebotomists. Some organizations also provide college prep and career coaching to help teens with their goals.

National Park Service

Teenagers can get involved in the National Park Service through various volunteer opportunities, such as being a Living History Interpreter. This job requires acting skills and involves portraying historical figures. It can also involve restoring park habitat. The National Park Service also offers internships for students. Students can gain experience while working with the parks, and some may even be able to complete their education through these positions.

In many parks, restoration projects begin with seedling planting. Volunteers plant seedlings to regenerate damaged habitats. The wildfire-resistant longleaf pine tree, for example, supports nearly 3,000 plant and bird species. These forests once covered 90 million acres of land. The National Park Foundation (NPF) is a key supporter of service corps programs across the country, and recently supported crews planting longleaf pine seedlings in Big Thicket National Preserve, Texas.

Volunteers at a park site usually commit 20 hours to service and work with park staff, following the CDC guidelines and social distancing protocols. For a more hands-on experience, they can participate in a park’s education and outreach programs. Volunteering can help teens develop leadership skills and become more responsible adults.

Another way to get involved in the National Park Service is to become a campground host. Campground hosts are needed to assist visitors with their camping needs, and they are often the first point of contact between the NPS and visitors. In addition, hosts are often responsible for educating visitors about the rules and regulations of the park.

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