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ngo paid volunteer jobs

There are countless benefits to finding a paid volunteer job with an NGO, and if you’re interested in traveling and seeing the world, you can contribute your time and expertise to a worthwhile cause. When choosing a volunteer project, make sure you match your skills, schedule, and location with the project’s needs. There are also often expectations and guidelines that you must consider before signing on the dotted line.


The Workaway platform is a community of hosts who need volunteers to work on various projects around the world. The projects vary from farm work in Canada to home restoration in France. Some are open to people with certain skills, like photography and videography. Some also require fluency in a specific language.

To become a member of Workaway, you have to create a profile. Then, you can browse the list of potential hosts. When you are ready to contact a host, you pay a membership fee. Then, you can contact them and begin your work. Be sure to fill out your profile as completely as possible.

You can also look through other people’s reviews on Workaway. Most reviews are positive. However, if you have any negative experiences, you can leave a review. However, be aware that Workaway hides the details of bad reviews. Therefore, you may never know about your host’s shady record.

Before choosing a Workaway location, think about your goals. This will help you narrow down your choices. Also, know the visa requirements before you travel. Some countries require a work permit, while others don’t. If you have to pay for a visa, make sure to research the requirements before making your decision.

Amigos de las Americas

Amigos de las Americas is a non-governmental organization that builds leaders and improves lives in communities across the Americas. Volunteers are needed in many different areas, including community development, health care, education, and more. The organization offers a variety of ways to get involved, including paid volunteer jobs and Community Development Internships.

Volunteers can help with everything from educating local children about conservation to educating people about climate change and poverty. Volunteers can learn about the culture and history of a country while assisting with local projects. For instance, the CREES Foundation is looking for people who can help with a project that teaches English in El Salvador. Other opportunities include volunteering for the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, which organises work brigades to Cuba twice a year. Volunteers can also get paid for their help and are provided with free accommodation.

Volunteer Latin America is an online service that connects prospective volunteers to environmental projects throughout Latin America. It also provides guides on where to find volunteer opportunities. Most projects are run by small organizations, but large organisations are included if they are considered to be worthwhile and relevant.

Volunteers can participate in conservation programs in Costa Rica or Guatemala. Volunteers can help out with various tasks in a variety of fields, including bird care and bird breeding. Volunteers can also stay at the centre and work with mentally disturbed Macaws. The organisation also runs the largest No-Kill animal shelter in Central America.


GoEco is a global organization that connects volunteers with meaningful programs around the world. It provides 24 hour support for volunteers, screens host organizations for compatibility, and offers projects for all skill levels and ages. Its staff is dedicated to giving volunteers the most enriching experience possible while abroad.

Volunteers can help WRAP, a nonprofit that generates tools and insights for change, or an animal-rights organization such as World Animal Net. Some of the positions require some experience, while others focus on field presence in countries like Albania, India, and Thailand. Alternatively, volunteers can join organizations like Youth Challenge International, which encourages innovation and social change.

Volunteers can enjoy the outdoors while assisting wildlife rehabilitation projects. They can spend time at GoEco’s sanctuary in Matobo National Park, get up close to wildlife, and help to build protected beach nesting areas. In addition, they can help with the upkeep of the sanctuary.

Many NGOs prefer older volunteers over younger ones because of their experience and maturity. They also tend to be more patient and tolerant. Youth, on the other hand, lack the wisdom of the world and need more training on soft skills to be effective in volunteer roles. But if you have the skills and are willing to make the investment in yourself, you can do something worthwhile for your community and help others while getting paid.


PMGY runs programmes in Asia, Africa and South America that provide high-impact volunteer experiences. Their Vietnam NGO program gives volunteers a chance to work in a nonprofit organization while gaining practical skills and experience in a new country. In addition to helping those in need, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy the vibrant culture of Hanoi. The bustling city offers an array of cultural sites, buzzing streets, and tasty eats.

With more than 20 projects in more than ten countries, volunteers can take part in meaningful work while traveling. Many projects are located in tropical locations, so volunteers can enjoy island life while volunteering. There are also a number of South American hotspots where volunteers can work, including Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, and Peru.

PMGY also runs a medical program in Delhi. Volunteers can support the city’s most vulnerable citizens by providing medical care. If you love working with people, you may find a PMGY NGO paid volunteer job to be an excellent fit. The organization offers a variety of volunteer opportunities in diverse fields, from project management to medical care.

Charlene Espinoza

Charlene Espinoza, a former Peace Corps volunteer, has a passion for helping underprivileged communities. After spending time in Liberia, where she taught English, she saw that many girls were not attending school. She came up with the idea of empowering these girls by teaching them to sew patchwork bags. This initiative has since evolved into a broader educational program that supports the education of young women in Liberia.

Charlene Espinoza is also the founder of the nonprofit organization Let Girls Learn. She was recently invited by the Office of the First Lady of the United States to speak at a Brookings Institute panel about educating girls. The event included a discussion about the role of community-led initiatives for girls’ education in developing countries. She also introduced President Obama and the First Lady of the United States at the Let Girls Learn launch. In her work, Espinoza has received numerous awards and recognitions.

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