Online Volunteer Opportunities

online volunteer opportunities

There are a variety of online volunteer opportunities to choose from. From eBird to RAINN, you can give your time to a number of worthwhile causes. Some of these organizations provide free training and career counseling for veterans. Others provide direct help to people in need of services or support. These volunteer opportunities can be accessed at any time and place, and most of them are conducted via video or phone.


If you enjoy birding and are interested in helping eBird with its mission to record birds, you might consider volunteering for the eBird website. Volunteer opportunities at eBird include data entry, error checking, and data quality control. You’ll also be required to research sighting questions and contact observers to resolve sighting discrepancies. You’ll also need good record-keeping skills and computer skills.

Volunteers can also help eBird by reviewing bird reports. Reviewers of eBird are selected based on their knowledge of local birding areas. They review bird observations for accuracy and can contact observers to request more details. They can also flag any misidentifications and ask for justification for unusually high number entries. Reviewers also help coach new eBird users to ensure that they submit accurate data.

eBird’s goal is to increase the utility and accessibility of bird observations. Participants submit observations in the eBird database, which is accessible globally. This data is then filtered through historical data and presented in various formats. For example, volunteers may choose to post photos to show a bird’s habitat, nesting status, and more.

The data submitted through eBird is archived and stored in a secure database. It is then accessible to anyone via the eBird web site. In addition to providing basic information about bird distribution and abundance, eBird also feeds data to international biodiversity data systems.


RAINN offers online volunteer opportunities for people who want to help animals in need. Volunteers can work from the comfort of their home, provided they’re 18 years of age and have access to a private computer with an internet connection. They must also adhere to RAINN’s volunteer policies and regulations. RAINN requires volunteers to devote at least two hours per month to their volunteer service.

If you’re looking for a rewarding online volunteer opportunity, consider the many ways that RAINN can help. RAINN has online volunteer opportunities in various areas, including education and crisis intervention. Volunteers receive extensive crisis-intervention training and have the ability to provide direct support to survivors via the National Sexual Assault Hotline. Volunteers are expected to be compassionate, flexible, and able to work in any setting.

Volunteers receive training and supervision from RAINN. They learn how to handle difficult sessions and recognize when they’ve become too involved in a chat. Once they’ve completed their training, volunteers are expected to spend 8 hours per month on their role, but this is flexible enough to fit their schedules.

Volunteers also provide consumer service, including referral resources, as well as feedback to users. Volunteers rate the sessions as either useful or unhelpful, but these perceptions vary according to the types of callers and technical difficulties encountered. RAINN also conducts quarterly evaluations of its online hotline, including survey feedback and user feedback.

Crisis Text Line

If you want to help people in need, consider volunteering on the Crisis Text Line. The service offers free 24-hour crisis support via text messages, and trained volunteers answer text messages and provide support to texters. You can join the nationwide team of passionate impact-makers by filling out an application and a coordinator will contact you with further instructions. You can volunteer from your home or your office.

Volunteers are needed for several different departments, including the online platform. Volunteers are able to help with a variety of tasks, from providing information on upcoming events to helping people in crisis. Volunteers can answer questions on finances, relationships, COVID-19 symptoms, and more. Volunteers also respond to texts on a daily basis.

The organization needs volunteers for different shifts and is always in need of people. Volunteers must go through training, which takes approximately 34 hours and lasts for 8 weeks. Volunteers should have at least basic knowledge of the English language and be able to give a minimum of four hours per week.

Volunteers can apply online at the Crisis Text Line website, and complete the necessary training online. Volunteers can also sign up for local hotline volunteer opportunities by searching their website.


If you’re interested in mentoring at-risk students, iCloudBe is an online community that pairs mentors with young people. The program aims to empower students to remain in school and achieve their personal and professional goals. Through an hour-long weekly meeting, mentors help mentees explore their talents and creativity and build a strong foundation for adulthood.

There are many ways to volunteer on iCloudBe. Many of the opportunities are with nonprofit organizations that help those in need. Some are focused on specific causes such as helping children in developing countries or environmental observation through NASA satellites. Some are open-ended, while others are designed to be a one-time commitment.


With Crowd4U, you can use your skills and volunteer for a cause that makes the world a better place. For example, if you love to travel, you can join a group that maps the world. Volunteers work together to map vulnerable areas, adding roads and buildings. These groups also help those in need in their communities. Volunteers receive support and training to make the best use of their time.

Many nonprofit organizations need help with websites, social media, and other online projects. You can also volunteer in the sciences and humanities through crowdsourcing. A history buff can help the Smithsonian make historical documents more accessible. A birdwatcher can contribute to a bird population database at Zooniverse, while an amateur scientist can help count penguins. With UNV and Crowd4U, you can help do good around the world in a safe environment.

Open RMS

Open RMS is a project that aims to create an open source electronic medical record system to be used by healthcare facilities all over the world. The organization is looking for volunteers to help with various tasks such as writing documentation, testing the software, translating documents, and helping with the help desk. Other volunteer opportunities include working with the Trevor Project, which provides help for LGBTQ youth. Volunteers must devote at least three hours a week for a year to help the organization.

Volgistics is a robust software program for managing volunteers. It integrates with a background screening application and offers a variety of add-on features. The system is fairly easy to use but does have a learning curve. Volgistics is not free, so be sure to take your time and research the application.

PTSA volunteers support the school’s library, student council, and E-Prep teams. They also coordinate the PTSA’s student directory. The online version of the directory is free, but printed copies will cost a nominal fee. They can also help manage the RMS PTSA Twitter account and the school’s website.

The United Nations is another good organization to look into. The organization helps connect volunteers with projects in 187 countries. Through their website, volunteers can choose between long-term projects and short-term tasks. These projects can be completed from home or a remote location, and the timelines are usually flexible and convenient.

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