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new orleans volunteers of america

The Volunteers of America for the Greater New Orleans area is a nonprofit, multipurpose organization that serves the needs of individuals, families, and communities. The organization is designed to be inclusive of all people. It offers services for children, youth, and adults. They offer services in a variety of areas, including child care, senior care, and job training.

Job description for Community Outreach Coordinator

The job description for a Community Outreach Coordinator at the New Orleans Volunteers of America (NOVA) organization includes a range of responsibilities. These duties include recruiting and coordinating volunteers for various Volunteers of America programs. They also manage and evaluate volunteer efforts, and collaborate with other program managers.

The role is primarily responsible for working with clients who are most in need. It involves meeting with clients and advising them on a range of topics. In addition, the position also involves general office duties, such as answering phones, sending emails, collecting mail, and greeting clients. The successful candidate will have experience serving the Hernando community and must be comfortable with public speaking. In addition, they must be proficient in using social media and have excellent listening skills.


The Volunteers of America’s Greater New Orleans mission is a multipurpose human service organization that serves children, adults, and families in need. This mission is focused on bringing hope and healing to the community. The mission is diverse, reaching people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds.

In addition to providing direct services to the community, the organization provides vocational training for adults with disabilities, provides safe and affordable housing, and offers outreach to the homeless and at-risk seniors. It also offers services for veterans and their families. In addition, this mission also offers therapeutic foster care. If you’re interested in serving your community in New Orleans, please consider becoming a volunteer!


Since 1896, the Volunteers of America ministry of service has been dedicated to helping America’s most vulnerable citizens. Its programs touch the mind, body and spirit of those they serve. These programs address the most pressing issues of the day and provide innovative solutions to meet the needs of their communities. Today, their programs impact over 50,000 people annually.

The Volunteers of America of Greater New Orleans is a multipurpose human service organization that provides a variety of programs to individuals and families in need. Services include job training, early literacy programs, and more. These programs are designed to reach a wide range of people, from the homeless to families and seniors.

Need for volunteers

Since 1896, the Volunteers of America has provided assistance to America’s most vulnerable citizens. The organization’s ministry of service touches the mind, spirit, and body to meet the community’s most urgent needs. Its service projects address the most pressing issues of the day and create innovative solutions to address local challenges. Currently, the organization supports over 50,000 people annually.

The organization’s services are available to a variety of populations, including senior citizens, homeless, disabled, and at-risk youth. It also provides referrals to programs that help those in need. For example, the nonprofit organization provides mentoring for school-aged children, before-and-after-school programs, and summer camps. It also provides job training for older youth and helps to develop overall leadership skills.


The Veterans Administration recently awarded Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans a $2 million grant to provide supportive services for homeless and at-risk veterans in the city. This money will help the organization to serve as many as 600 veteran households in Louisiana. In addition to providing housing, child care and employment training, this group also works to prevent homelessness.

The organization has also been instrumental in rebuilding the city’s housing stock. Its new development, The Terraces on Tulane, provides 200 apartments for low-income seniors. It’s a part of the nonprofit’s commitment to rebuild 1,000 affordable housing units throughout the city. It replaces the Forest Towers, a housing complex in the city’s east end that closed following Hurricane Katrina.

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