Where to Volunteer Near Me

where to volunteer near me

Volunteering can be an excellent way to get involved in a cause that is important to you. Many organizations offer a variety of different ways to volunteer. Depending on your skill level and interest, you can join a local organization or search for volunteer opportunities online. Volunteering in NYC is a great way to help your community and be a part of a bigger picture.


Volunteering for TutorMate is an excellent opportunity for volunteers who want to help struggling readers. The program, created by Innovations For Learning UK, pairs corporate volunteers with underprivileged children. Each week, the volunteers link to a classroom laptop and connect with a child in need of reading support.

The mission of TutorMate is to change the way children learn to read. With the help of volunteer tutors, students have the opportunity to boost their academic success and self-esteem. The program serves more than 50,000 students across the country. Volunteers can choose between online or in-person tutoring, and they can charge their own hourly rate. TutorMate ensures that every tutor matches a student according to their specific learning needs.

TutorMate is an online volunteer program designed to help struggling readers in grade one classrooms. This program matches corporate volunteers with first grade students who need reading support. The sessions help students develop their fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and more. The program is currently present in 24 major US cities. Another program, UPchieve, matches low-income high school students with live volunteer coaches who provide college counseling and math tutoring.

Lifetime Connections Without Walls

Lifetime Connections Without Walls is an eldercare program that needs volunteers to facilitate enrichment classes and social engagement for older adults. Volunteers can tailor their contributions to their skills and schedules. They can also choose how often they want to volunteer. This type of volunteer opportunity is flexible and stimulating. It’s a great way to improve the quality of life for older generations.

Volunteers can help facilitate classes and activities for senior citizens in their own homes. Other opportunities include tutoring, mentoring, service learning, community projects, and working with active older adults through fitness programs and overnight trips. Lifetime Connections Without Walls has volunteer opportunities across the country.


If you’re interested in helping low-income high school students, UPchieve is a great place to start. This organization provides free college counseling and tutoring to low-income students 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Volunteers are needed for a variety of projects, including writing essays, helping out in the tutoring center, and assisting with other educational activities.

Whether you’re interested in tutoring for high school math or science classes, UPchieve can help. It also offers free college application essay help. To sign up for tutoring, you need to enter your name and school in the drop-down menu. Then, you can choose a school to mentor at.

There are many ways to volunteer for UPchieve, including offering college counseling and free tutoring. You can pick the topics you’d like to help out with and schedule your hours according to your availability. You’ll be notified when a need arises, so you can choose the best topics to tutor.

UPchieve also helps connect students with certified volunteer tutors who are available to provide one-on-one tutoring. Volunteers must provide a personal email address and a Linkedin profile. You can also update your availability anytime. The goal is to help students get the education they need to be successful in college.

Crisis Commons

Crisis Commons is a volunteer community that helps organizations and individuals in times of crisis. Its volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds, including technology and crisis response. They work together to create new technology and tools that can help organizations and individuals respond to emergencies. You can become a part of the team by registering on the site, or you can sign up for volunteer training.

The organization was started by three young people in their twenties and quickly grew. It started out as a way to pick up groceries for the homeless, and now has more than 10,000 volunteers and is looking to expand to other states. Volunteers can make deliveries, assist with accounting, or even make art for the nonprofit.


CrisisCamp is a gathering of tech-savvy volunteers who assist in the relief effort during major crises. Projects range from creating social networks for missing people to mapping disaster areas to help humanitarian supplies reach people. They also help create inventories for the most urgent provisions needed by affected communities.

Currently, #crisiscamp is being held in San Francisco. Whether you live in the Bay Area or a distant place, you can join this global gathering and help create a culture of preparedness. One speaker recommended that we use gaming to make preparedness an everyday activity.


If you are looking for a way to give back to your community, consider volunteering with DemocracyLab, a nonprofit that works to promote civic technology and civic engagement. Volunteering at DemocracyLab involves working with civic-minded tech companies that empower their employees to organize civic-minded teams. For example, Amazon employees can organize their own teams to help unemployed job seekers with mock interviews. Another volunteer project, called “Facebook Seattle,” aims to help Seattle’s homeless. It partners with an organization called the MORELove Project to visit city-sanctioned encampments to identify the needs of those living on the street.

Volunteer with IMAlive

IMAlive is an organization that matches volunteers with non-profit organizations that are in need of help. All volunteers must be at least 18 years old and must be willing to undergo training for at least 20 hours and pass exams to become a certified member of the organization. The goal is to help these organizations by assisting with the fundraising efforts.

In addition to helping to prevent suicide, IMAlive volunteers also provide emotional support to people who are thinking about suicide. IMAlive volunteers are certified in suicide prevention and crisis intervention. Their goal is to use the power of the Internet to provide emotional support and resources to individuals in crisis. To learn more about becoming a volunteer, visit IMAlive’s website.

Volunteering for IMAlive requires a small initial fee of $280. This fee covers training and a background check. After this, trainees will need to complete 200 hours of volunteer work. The hours are usually a few hours per day, during weekday evenings from 7-10 pm ET.

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