Where to Post Volunteer Opportunities

where to post volunteer opportunities

One of the most effective ways to raise awareness of your volunteer opportunities is to make sure they are visible on the Internet. This is a great way to build your organization’s reputation with the public. If your organization does not have a website, there are many social media sites where you can post your volunteer opportunities. Social media is a great tool for generating awareness and interacting with supporters. Most organizations already have social media profiles, so you can take advantage of their following to promote your volunteer opportunities. To maximize your social media efforts, create shareable content, feature past volunteers and share relevant sign-up forms.

Points of Light Engage

A global volunteer network, Points of Light posts volunteer opportunities across the globe. Founded by Indian-American Vivek Turakhia, it connects volunteers with meaningful charity work. Users can choose from projects in the arts and culture, animal welfare, education, environmental protection, children and youth, civic and community, and disaster relief and preparedness. They can also choose a specific role such as working with seniors.

Points of Light Engage is a database of thousands of volunteer opportunities posted by nonprofit organizations and individuals around the world. It also helps nonprofit organizations find volunteers through its “free” technology platform. Points of Light Engage connects nonprofits to volunteers and helps them connect with each other. The database allows users to select whether they wish to volunteer in their area, across the country, or remotely.

Points of Light Engage helps new volunteers and supporters discover nonprofit partners. It provides a comprehensive guide for people to learn about high-impact social good actions and get involved in their communities. To make volunteerism easier, Points of Light offers search widgets, full-service website implementations, and volunteer call-to-actions.


Social media is one of the most effective tools for marketing volunteer opportunities. It has 4.2 billion active users worldwide and can be an important tool for attracting new supporters and reaching your target audience. Most organizations have social media profiles and can leverage their network of followers to post volunteer opportunities. When you post opportunities on social media, try to create shareable content, feature past volunteers, and use relevant signUp forms.

Volunteer job descriptions should be short, informative, and include specific requirements and responsibilities. Ideally, each action is a separate sentence. It’s also helpful to include the start date and location for the volunteer work. A detailed description can attract the right volunteer for your organization. For example, if you’re looking for volunteers for a weekend food drive, you should write a job description that details what you’re looking for.

Another option for nonprofits looking for volunteers is to post their volunteer opportunities on their own website. Posting volunteer opportunities on your own website has a number of advantages, including building a central hub of recruitment and developing relationships with potential supporters. In addition, you can promote your volunteer opportunities on social media and through email marketing. This is important because most digital recruitment takes place on social media.

United Nations Volunteers

The United Nations Volunteers Programme aims to foster peace and development around the world through the voluntary efforts of its members. Volunteers from all over the world contribute to the United Nations’ mission. They work in developing countries and provide support in the form of volunteer work. There are many ways to get involved in the United Nations Volunteers program.

UN Volunteers are expected to have experience, education, and expertise related to their role. Recent college graduates may qualify for an International Youth position, while people in their mid-career can consider an International Specialist or Expert role. Volunteers may also participate in short-term volunteer abroad programs with organizations such as Volunteering Solutions. These programs allow volunteers to work on projects ranging from teaching children with disabilities to constructing homes in impoverished communities.

To apply as a United Nations Volunteer, you must complete the UN Volunteers application. It takes from four weeks to three months to complete the process. However, the process itself is relatively simple. During this process, you will need to register with UNV’s Global Talent Pool, which takes 45-60 minutes.


CUSO is an international development organization that recruits volunteers for volunteer projects in developing nations. This organization aims to eradicate poverty and inequality around the world through collaborative partnerships and the support of compassionate donors. Every year, the organization mobilizes hundreds of volunteer professionals to help tackle some of the world’s most pressing development issues.

Cuso International focuses on developing the capacity of people to be self-reliant and resilient to shocks. This organization promotes education and skills training, sustainable agriculture, climate change adaptation, and responsible natural resource management. The organization also organizes orientation workshops for volunteers to help them transition to their new environment.

Volunteers of all ages are needed for this organization. Canadians of all backgrounds are welcomed to apply. Cuso International sends well-trained Canadians to work with local communities in developing countries. Volunteers work to improve the health of mothers and babies, while also empowering the locals to help themselves.


Volunteer opportunities with AARP can be found in many different fields. These range from helping older adults with bill paying to advocating on behalf of the interests of older people. The group is a strong advocate for a range of legislative issues, including improving long-term care services, making prescription drugs more affordable, and ensuring the long-term solvency of Social Security. You can make a significant impact by signing up for a volunteer opportunity and contributing your time and expertise.

The AARP Driver Safety Program helps older drivers stay safe on the road. Volunteers for the program work closely with staff members to conduct engaging marketing initiatives and help drive participation at the state and local level. The group also partners with local community groups and leaders to organize community events and share information about AARP’s programs and services. Volunteer opportunities with AARP Driver Safety Program vary by region, and the roles you can play depend on where you live.

Volunteer opportunities with AARP are usually posted on the organization’s website. These opportunities can range from single events to several days in length. It’s best to search for events by selecting “ongoing” or “multi-day” opportunities when submitting your listing. If possible, include start and end dates in the description, as it will help your readers better understand how long the opportunities last.

CUSO e-volunteer

The CUSO e-volunter is an online platform where communities around the world can connect with skilled Canadians. Interested individuals need to have a reliable computer and a few hours a week to help. These online placements can provide you with valuable experience and allow you to make a difference in the communities you serve. The CUSO e-volunter program is a great way to get involved with a new cause while also giving back to your community.

Those who would like to volunteer with Cuso will be interested in a variety of opportunities in developing countries. The organization started recruiting volunteers in 1999 and merged with VSO Canada in 2008. The two organizations formed the largest international cooperation agency in Canada. Cuso separated from VSO in 2011 and rebranded to Cuso International. It now actively recruits volunteers from across the globe.

The CUSO e-voluntaer program links volunteers to international partner organizations. Participants typically perform two to seven hours a week on projects that require little to no travel. This makes it easier to manage the time and energy required by volunteers, and allows them to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Similarly, the United Nations Volunteers recently revamped its online volunteer portal to make it easier to coordinate remote volunteer efforts. Anyone can register with UNV and search for volunteer opportunities through a comprehensive database.


UniversalGiving is a nonprofit that allows people to make donations and post volunteer opportunities with nonprofit organizations around the world. These organizations have been vetted to ensure that your money goes where it’s needed most. You can rest assured that your money is going to good use, since 100% of your donation goes directly to the nonprofit’s cause.

There are many ways to post volunteer opportunities on UniversalGiving. There are over one million organizations registered on the site, which makes it easier to find a good match. You can post a specific volunteer opportunity, or browse opportunities by specific countries or regions. In either case, make sure to include the details of what you’ll be doing, as well as your specific skills and time commitment. It will be helpful to give a brief description of the organization’s mission and goals, as well, to give potential volunteers an idea of its mission.

If you’re looking to give your time and skills, UniversalGiving is a great way to find volunteer opportunities. The site’s mission is to create a world where giving is natural. It does this by empowering volunteers and donors to make a real difference in the world. It’s free to join UniversalGiving, and you’ll be able to explore a wide range of volunteer opportunities.

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