Where to Get Volunteer Hours

where to get volunteer hours

Volunteering can be a great way to get paid for your time and help others. You can do it at a library or museum, car wash, or alternative vacation destinations. The possibilities are endless! To find a good place to volunteer, look for a nonprofit organization that focuses on your interests. It doesn’t matter where you live or work-there are ways to get paid for your time and still do something good.

Car washing

If you’re looking for a way to earn volunteer hours, car washing is a good place to start. It requires a lot of time and fresh supplies. If you’re not careful, the detergent you use can end up in storm drains, lakes, and streams. To prevent this, you should use nontoxic detergent and advertise your event on social media. To maximize volunteer hours, try to recruit a team of four or five people who can help clean cars.

After you have gathered enough volunteers, you can schedule a car wash. You can schedule the event over a weekend or on a weekday, depending on how many cars you have to wash. Make sure you arrange for a rotating schedule so that the volunteers get enough time to cool off. Volunteers should also dress appropriately for the weather, with appropriate clothes and footwear. You can also designate a volunteer to collect cash.

If you’re a member of a community group, consider organizing a car wash fundraiser. Fundraisers like this one raise money for your group, and they also help raise community awareness. You can advertise your car wash fundraiser on community social media, email newsletters, and other important gathering spots. You can even place a table where residents can sign up for a shift.

When organizing a car wash fundraiser, a small business owner can use the opportunity to promote their service. For instance, local restaurants or convenience stores can provide car wash coupons to their customers with every bill. This will ensure a larger number of people will come to the car wash fundraiser, and it will also help the volunteers and students promote the event.


Volunteer hours at libraries can be a valuable way to gain experience. Volunteers may be assigned to a specific department or may be able to work on special projects. Volunteers will also be provided with training and guidelines for their role. This may include the library’s policies on smoking and sign-in procedures, and it is important to understand these guidelines before you begin your service.

As a library volunteer, you will help the public by spreading the love of reading, curiosity, and tolerance. In addition, your contributions will help improve your local branch library. Currently, there are more than 2,000 volunteers who contribute their skills, time, and energy to make libraries more user-friendly.

Teen volunteers are also welcomed at most libraries. Teen volunteers may be required to meet certain age requirements, so it is important to discuss the age requirements with the coordinator before volunteering. Parents should also explain to the coordinator why their teen is interested in volunteering. Teen volunteers may be given priority if they are working to fulfill service hours for a school club, Boy Scouts, or other similar organization.

Volunteers may be required to complete a volunteer application before working at a library. In addition to completing an application, volunteers must be at least 15 years old and be able to complete a background check. Volunteers must also be 18 years old, have a valid driver’s license, and have access to an automobile. Volunteers must also be willing to undergo a live-scan fingerprinting process. Volunteers in these roles should be service-oriented and able to work well with library staff members.


Volunteering at a museum is an excellent way to help the community and learn more about an interest you may have. Not only will you gain knowledge about an interesting topic, but you’ll also meet new people who have the same interests. Volunteering at a museum can also help you to get a feel for the history of your area. Some of the best museums in New York City feature priceless artwork, unusual scientific discoveries, and culturally significant exhibitions. They also act as anchors for the community and provide high-quality educational services to visitors.

Volunteers are critical to the survival of museums of all sizes. In fact, for every one paid employee in a museum, there are six or more volunteers on staff. Without volunteers, many museums wouldn’t exist. For example, the Asia Society, located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, relies on the work of volunteers to increase mutual understanding between America and Asia. The museum’s programs promote collaboration, recognize challenges, and foster a shared future.

Volunteer opportunities at the Met include helping out during opening events and helping visitors. Volunteers also receive discounts at the Met’s shops and restaurants. In addition to this, a number of volunteer opportunities also offer the opportunity to give art tours to school children. Additionally, volunteers can also receive parking validation and refreshments for their service.

Volunteers at the Intrepid Museum are needed to answer visitor questions and help the staff at the Information Desk. Volunteers at this position are expected to be helpful and offer exceptional customer service. Volunteers will receive comprehensive training in the Museum’s floor plan, exhibitions, and programs. They’ll also receive great benefits based on the number of hours they give.

Alternative vacations

There are many types of alternative vacations, but one of the fastest growing is voluntourism, sometimes known as volunteer tourism. It involves vacationers participating in a service project and traveling to underdeveloped areas of the world. Some of these trips involve helping children, animals, or working on building projects. Others focus on rebuilding efforts after natural disasters. These can include both international and domestic travel.

In South Africa, there are several volunteer projects available, including one located in Kruger National Park. Here, participants learn about conservation efforts and the life on the reserve. This wide-ranging experience makes it a popular option with groups. While the projects range widely, the main draws are the diverse range of projects.


MovingWorlds is an online community that matches professionals with ethical, skills-based projects. Its mission is to empower professionals to use their knowledge and experience to help organizations grow. The site even coined the term “experteering” to describe the act of volunteering one’s skills for nonprofits. It has been featured in numerous publications, including WhyDev, SSIR, Devex, and Forbes.

There are three levels of membership on MovingWorlds, starting at $99 a year. The membership fee is flexible and allows you to search the directory of partner organizations. The site also provides a personal travel manager and custom opportunities for members. The more expensive memberships offer additional perks such as account managers and personal travel managers.

The program aims to create a better world by connecting people with organizations that need them. Volunteers receive life-transforming experiences while serving other people. Its matching program allows volunteers to choose which project best suits their skills and interests. The company also provides planning support and training to volunteers. You can use the time to explore your passion and develop your skills.

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