Where Can I Volunteer For Free?

where can i volunteer for free

Whether you are looking for an opportunity in a local community, abroad, or on an organization’s website, there are a number of ways to find a volunteer opportunity. These sites include AARP’s volunteer search, Crowd4U, Workaway, JustServe, and countless others. Before committing to a program, be sure to ask the organization if the experience is free or requires a fee. You also need to ask about any unanticipated costs that you might encounter. If the organization is hesitant to disclose these costs, you should not consider them.

AARP’s volunteer search

The AARP’s volunteer search website makes it easy to find volunteer opportunities in your area. There are opportunities at local schools, faith-based organizations, health care and senior care agencies, and more. You can also search for volunteer positions by entering your location and skills. In addition, you can browse opportunities through volunteer match, a website that matches volunteers with available positions.

Mike Olender started work at AARP North Carolina in 2013, where he helped build the organization’s first local volunteer structure in Charlotte. Previously, he served as Associate State Director-Outreach for AARP New York for five years. During that time, he helped build the organization’s presence in Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, and the Lower Hudson Valley. He also served as Interim State Director for AARP New Hampshire in 2012-13. During that time, he led the organization’s voter engagement efforts in the 2012 election.

The AARP’s volunteer search database is designed to connect volunteers with charities. The site includes a list of volunteer opportunities across the nation and allows users to register for them. There are also volunteer opportunities listed under “Create the Good.” These volunteer opportunities can help people get involved with their community and make a difference.


Workaway is a website that matches travellers with host families, allowing them to volunteer their time and talents. Visiting a host family can be a great way to learn about a country or culture. The website also offers opportunities to learn more about the local cuisine. Guests can take language lessons or participate in cooking lessons. They can also go on tours and enjoy parties with locals.

Workaway has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. You can choose a host based on your availability, and you can even choose the type of work you’d like to perform. If you have a flexible schedule, you can apply to several projects at once. You can also narrow down your search by location.

Volunteering abroad through Workaway is an excellent way to experience a new culture and learn a new language. It is also a great way to meet fellow travelers who are also working on the same project. You can exchange stories with them and learn about their experiences. You can also add yourself to the “Last Minute Workawayer” list to meet other travelers looking for a last-minute Workaway project.

Workaway is one of the most popular websites where travelers can find volunteer projects. It has a large number of listings in Europe, South America, and Asia. The website focuses on eco projects, social projects, and volunteer teaching, while most other volunteer sites focus on farm work or hostel work. Workaway is the largest work exchange website in the world.


JustServe is a website where you can search for volunteer opportunities to help your local community. The website matches volunteers with organizations that need help with projects and events. Its database includes volunteer projects and organizations across the country. To find volunteer projects that meet your interests and skills, you can filter the results by skill, location, date, number of volunteers, and accessibility. For example, a person with computer skills can search for events in the Austin, Texas area that require computers and internet access.

The site allows you to search through thousands of volunteer projects. The site also has filters for projects that are local and those that are remote. You can also search by issue area and skills. In addition, JustServe makes signing up for volunteer work very easy. You can sign up for an event online and then show up on the day of. JustServe lets you filter volunteer opportunities by age, skills, and interests, making it easy to find a project that fits your schedule.

JustServe is an online platform that matches volunteer opportunities with organizations that need help. It does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. The site has over 600,000 registered volunteers and over 117,000 projects posted. There are also more than 12,000 partnering organizations to choose from.


Crowd4U is an online platform that allows volunteers to connect with nonprofit organizations. Through this platform, you can post free volunteer projects and receive credit for your time. In addition, nonprofit organizations can post projects and receive donations in return. It works similarly to Amazon Smile, whereby nonprofit organizations can sign up for free to become affiliated with the website. The nonprofits can then post projects to find volunteers, and students can find them to fulfill their volunteering needs.

FLOSS Manuals

If you are passionate about free software and want to help with documenting it, consider volunteering for free in FLOSS manuals. You can help by updating existing manuals, proofreading them, or writing new ones. You can also promote the manuals through blogs, workshops, or other channels. The documentation community is always looking for people who want to help.

FLOSS manuals are written in several languages and educate people on how to use free software. If you are a skilled computer user and know how to use different software programs, volunteering for free in FLOSS manuals is a great opportunity. The manuals are updated frequently to include new features and provide detailed information on the different uses of each program.

FLOSS Manuals are community-driven, meaning that anyone can contribute. The community aims to produce the best documentation possible for FLOSS software. Contributors are encouraged to register, but the registration process isn’t used to gate contributions. It’s simply a way to meet GPL license requirements.

FLOSS Manuals is a global initiative to document Free Software and other Open Source software in various languages. Volunteers can create or edit manuals, promote them, or even help with community outreach projects. Once you sign up for the volunteer program, you’ll receive a “Next Steps” document that contains recommended reading and links to get started.

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