Where Can a 12-Year-Old Volunteer?

where can a 12 year old volunteer

There are several opportunities for 12-year-olds to get involved in volunteer work. They may be interested in making promotional flyers for upcoming adoption events or creating items for a volunteer banquet. They may also want to help out by maintaining office space and ensuring that things are kept as clean as possible.


VEAP is looking for high school students who want to make a difference by volunteering with the organization. Participants work in a variety of areas, including the gift shop, recreation center, and with the Conservancy’s discovery guides. The program is open to students who are at least 12 years old and 16 by June 1; if selected, the student may receive a paid seven-week summer internship at VEAP. To volunteer, fill out the application form by February 28th.

VEAP is a nonprofit organization in Minneapolis that provides basic needs for low-income residents. This includes providing healthy food and stable housing and transportation. The organization also offers programs that help seniors with disabilities and transitions in their lives. Those who volunteer at VEAP will receive valuable life experience and develop leadership skills.

Children for Children

Volunteering at local nonprofit organizations or community-based organizations can be a rewarding experience for a 12-year-old. There are many different opportunities, including working semi-independently, helping at a daycare center, and volunteering at a senior center. While many organizations accept volunteers of all ages, 12-year-olds may feel more comfortable working with older people, and they can gain valuable experience working with children. These opportunities will also help build a child’s self-esteem and give the volunteer an opportunity to work with a variety of people.

Another option is to help with a toy drive. There are many organizations that collect donations throughout the year. Children can collect used toys or toothbrushes, sort them, or even play an instrument during a meal. This is a great opportunity for parents to teach children the importance of volunteering.

Volunteering at a public park is also a great way to help a community. Some parks need a lot of maintenance, and these parks can benefit from your help. Volunteering at a park can be as simple as picking up trash while visiting, or it can be as extensive as organizing a community cleanup. Contact your local parks and recreation council or facility manager for more information about volunteering opportunities. Volunteering in a public park will help your child learn about the importance of keeping public places clean, and will provide a real-world benefit to their community.

Volunteering with a non-profit is another great way to help the community. You can also volunteer your time with a food pantry. Volunteering with this organization can help children create Easter baskets for food pantry clients. Another great option is helping to serve meals at local playgrounds. Contact Janet Mattis to find out more.

Best Buddies

Best Buddies, the world’s largest organization for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, provides numerous opportunities for young people to make a difference. The organization focuses on ending physical, social, and economic isolation for individuals with disabilities. There are many ways that students can get involved, from volunteering with virtual events to participating in friendship walks and fundraising events. By volunteering with Best Buddies, young people will develop empathy and learn about the needs of people with IDD.

Best Buddies is an international organization with programs all over the world. There are almost 1,900 chapters in over 50 countries. Participants of Best Buddies programs participate in events throughout the U.S. and other countries. Its programs impact nearly 900,000 people worldwide.

A young person with a disability can also get involved with a local charity. Many libraries have programs for teens. Teens can volunteer to read books to children and plan special events. Other opportunities for young people include volunteering for organizations such as Best Buddies and Meals on Wheels, which deliver food to people with disabilities.

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