Where Can 12-Year-Olds Volunteer?

where can 12 year olds volunteer

There are many different ways that twelve-year-olds can volunteer. Their age makes them uniquely suited to volunteer work. They can help nonprofits, community-based groups, seniors, animals, and neighborhood projects. In addition, they can improve their self-esteem by getting out of the house and helping people in need.

Animal shelters

Volunteering at animal shelters is a wonderful way for kids to get their hands dirty and earn community service hours. Many high schools require volunteers to complete a minimum number of hours before graduation. While kids aren’t allowed to handle the animals directly, they can raise awareness about the shelter by hosting fundraisers at home.

Many shelters welcome young people to volunteer, and they encourage this. They also do not sugarcoat the reality of working in a shelter. Many animals don’t get adopted, so kids should be aware of this before volunteering at a shelter. Setting ground rules for your child’s volunteering can help keep the environment positive and encouraging.

Typically, volunteer requirements include a minimum age of 13 years old. Volunteers must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Most shelters have age requirements for volunteers, and some won’t accept volunteers under the age of 12. However, if you want your child to volunteer at an animal shelter, make sure you have a parent or guardian present.

There are many different kinds of volunteer positions at an animal shelter. Some are more hands-on, such as designing and creating items for shelter animals. Some shelters also need help in running the day-to-day operations. For example, animal shelters may need accountants and bookkeepers, lawyers, and computer programmers. Educators are also needed at these shelters. These people can educate children about animal care and the needs of animals.

Volunteering at animal shelters can be a very rewarding experience. The organizations always welcome the extra hands and effort that you offer to help them care for the animals. There are many types of animal shelters, so it is important to do some research before choosing an animal shelter to volunteer at. Most shelters care for cats and dogs, but there are also those that care for rats, snakes, birds, and more.

Soup kitchens

It is possible for 12 year olds to volunteer in soup kitchens. These organizations are in need of volunteers to prepare and serve meals. They may also need help with clean-up or dishwasher duties. However, some meal programs may have age restrictions. Teenagers should not volunteer if they are under the age of fourteen. In these cases, they should volunteer alongside an adult.

If you are 12 years old and want to volunteer with a local soup kitchen, you can find volunteer opportunities through your school, church, or library. You can also ask an adult who works for a local nonprofit to get you started. In addition, you can ask your parents or other family members about volunteer opportunities.

If you’re looking for a more hands-on volunteer experience, you can visit Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, which opens every day at 10:30am and serves hundreds of hungry New Yorkers. This organization is always in need of volunteers. It also has an annual fast-a-thon in November, where people pledge to eat only one meal on that day to raise money for the organization.


There are a number of different ways for 12 year olds to volunteer in hospitals. They can do anything from photocopying to helping out in the gift shop. Many hospitals also need volunteers to help with patient care. To learn more about volunteering at a hospital, visit their website or contact their volunteer coordinator.

Volunteering at hospitals can also be a great way to make new friends. Several organizations in the United States offer volunteer opportunities for 12 year olds. One great option is Kids Coming Together. This organization provides free opportunities for young volunteers. Young people can participate in guided service activities led by high school leaders. The activities are a great way to meet other kids and have fun.

Another great way to volunteer at a hospital is by joining the HonorHealth Teen Program. This program provides teenagers with an understanding of the healthcare industry and the importance of service in the community. Teen volunteers have the opportunity to interact directly with patients, families, and hospital staff. While these programs can be rewarding, they are also very time-consuming and must be considered carefully before applying.


There are many ways that 12 year olds can volunteer in libraries. Whether they are interested in reading, creating art, or even helping out at events, libraries are a wonderful place for 12 year olds to get involved. These organizations are often looking for volunteers who have an interest in the work they do and are willing to take on various responsibilities.

Volunteering at libraries is a great way to give back to the community. Teens can participate in summer reading programs, help with story time crafts, or assist librarians with reading prizes. Volunteering at the library can be an excellent way for teenagers to develop leadership skills, make friends, and learn about community service.

Animal sanctuary

There are many ways for 12-year-olds to volunteer at an animal sanctuary, including making pet toys. Some places even let junior volunteers run a donation drive, which raises money for the shelter. There are also many ways for kids to get involved at an animal sanctuary without their parents. For example, the Paws Crossed junior volunteer program offers kids the chance to learn about animal rescue and help keep animals safe. They also get the chance to have fun while creating crafts or spending time with rescue animals.

The Best Friends Animal Society has a junior ambassador program that is open to children between the ages of eight and thirteen. This program is designed to help kids learn about lifesaving techniques, such as trap-neuter-return, adoption, and veterinary care. For example, they can help train animals on TNR, or the trap-neuter-return, which saves cats and dogs from euthanasia.

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