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The Utah Volunteers of America is a nonprofit human services organization that serves more than 10,000 people a year. They offer a dozen different programs to help the community. There are different times of the week that you can volunteer. You can also find out more about their locations and contact information. Below is a list of their locations. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit their website for more information.

Volunteers of America

The Volunteers of America Utah branch provides services and programs to individuals and populations throughout the state. Its programs help those most in need and provide a bridge to self-reliance and health. The agency is an active participant in the community, serving more than 10,000 people each year through a dozen different programs.

The organization provides three hot meals a day, a food pantry, showers, laundry and life skills classes. The organization also offers case management and housing assistance. Moreover, it has a 30 bed emergency shelter. This shelter provides a safe and secure environment for young people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Currently, the Utah Volunteers of America office manages $7 million in operations. It provides a range of human services to homeless individuals in the state, including substance abuse and counseling. Bray’s expertise in program administration spans 20 years.


The Volunteers of America locations in Utah provide a bridge to self-reliance and health for those in need. These organizations help vulnerable populations like those dealing with homelessness and addiction, and provide opportunities to serve others and gain a new perspective on life. There are also programs that teach self-reliance skills.

One of the Volunteers of America locations in Utah is the Homeless Youth Resource Center. This center is in downtown Salt Lake City, and is a vital space for the organization’s youth programs. During the night, the building transforms into a shelter for 240 people. The facility has a second floor that is dedicated to administrative functions, classrooms, and a case management area. The first floor is dedicated to youth programs. It includes a large activity hall that doubles as a shelter at night, as well as donation and storage areas. It also has a commercial kitchen and dining room.


Volunteers of America Utah offers services to strengthen communities in the state, while providing a bridge to self-reliance for vulnerable young people. This nonprofit’s youth-serving programs include the Youth Resource Center, a safe place for young people aged 15-22, where healthy adults provide case management and other essential services. These programs are aimed at reducing the effects of substance abuse, providing access to essential resources and everyday necessities, and promoting healthy relationships.

Volunteers are needed for meal preparation at the Youth Resource Center and the Center for Women and Children. Volunteers are needed to commit to a weekly time slot and cook, serve, and clean up meals. These volunteer positions are open to individuals and groups of two to ten people. They need to be skilled in food preparation and follow CDC guidelines.

Contact information

If you are looking to volunteer in Utah, you may be interested in finding Volunteers of America contact information. This nonprofit organization provides service opportunities to vulnerable populations in the Wasatch Front. The mission of the organization is to build a bridge to self-reliance and health for those in need. Interested individuals may also want to check out the organization’s website for more information.

The organization’s Amplified Mentoring Program helps youth develop life skills by using evidence-based programs. Its other programs include Homeless Outreach Team and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy. Volunteers in Utah can help in one of these programs or apply for full-time employment.

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