Volunteers of America – Shreveport, Louisiana

volunteers of america shreveport

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If you are searching for a new job in Shreveport, Louisiana, you may want to consider Volunteers of America North Louisiana. While this company has a large presence in New Orleans, Louisiana, it is located in Shreveport. You can find more information about the company by viewing its profile on Zippia.

Volunteers of America Shreveport provides a variety of services for residents. Their primary mission is to help people rebuild their lives and achieve their full potential. They also offer various types of volunteer programs. These programs include early childhood education and counseling, as well as job placement and housing for the disabled. The organization also provides intensive support to families in crisis.

Services offered

Volunteers of America Shreveport provides a wide variety of services for individuals in need of assistance. Their services range from providing affordable housing to providing job training and counseling. The organization can also refer individuals to other public assistance programs. Senior citizens and people with disabilities often turn to Volunteers of America for help.

Some Volunteers of America locations have soup kitchens where volunteers cook free or low-cost meals and feed the hungry. Some locations also provide meal deliveries to those who are homebound. They also operate food pantries and clothing closets. The centers also work with other local organizations to provide meals.

Phone number

If you need to reach Volunteers of America in Shreveport, Louisiana, you’ve come to the right place. This local nonprofit organization offers a variety of services to the people of North Louisiana. These services include counseling, adoption, child care, Early Head Start, nutrition for senior citizens, and support for individuals with disabilities. The organization also offers intensive support to families in crisis.

The VOA North Louisiana strives to meet the emotional, social, and spiritual needs of residents of the region. They also work to promote community development by assisting those in need.


If you are looking for volunteer opportunities in Shreveport, Louisiana, you should consider volunteering with Volunteers of America. The organization provides services and programs to help people with various needs, from assisting with employment to helping people develop skills. For example, it can refer you to a preschool or early literacy program. It also provides summer camps and mentoring for children. Its programs also include job training and overall leadership development.


The Volunteers of America Shreveport mission is a nonprofit that helps families in need. Its mission is to pursue the passion of Jesus Christ by providing assistance to the homeless, hungry, addicted, and abused. The nonprofit works with a variety of agencies and individuals to provide assistance and hope to the communities they serve.

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