Volunteers of America Sacramento

volunteers of america sacramento

Volunteers of America is a nonprofit organization that offers comprehensive employment and housing programs to the homeless and at-risk communities. Volunteers work with a case manager to help residents transition to independent housing and permanent employment. These programs also assist children and youth in the community. Interested individuals may request an application for commissioning as a volunteer.

Application for commissioning a volunteer of america sacramento

The Volunteers of America Northern California and Northern Nevada Chapter was founded in 1911. This organization is committed to serving the community and is seeking volunteers for a variety of positions. In addition, we are looking for individuals who are passionate about advancing the arts and culture in Sacramento. This is a great opportunity for an artist group to get involved in the community.

Qualifications to become a volunteer

If you are looking for a way to make a difference in Sacramento, you should consider volunteering with the Volunteers of America Sacramento organization. This organization helps seniors and individuals in need by offering a variety of services. This includes long-term care in a facility or at home. In addition, they help senior citizens apply for government health care, including Medicaid. The organization also provides translation services.

Volunteers of America Sacramento works with a wide range of people, from senior citizens to at-risk youth, the homeless, and disabled individuals. In addition, it helps veterans and the elderly maintain their independence. The organization also offers low-income housing to families with children and other low-income individuals.

In addition to offering shelter and meals to people in need, the organization also provides job training and counseling services to individuals, families, and groups. These programs help participants learn independent living skills, parenting skills, and substance abuse recovery.


The Volunteers of America Sacramento mission provides social service, housing, and counseling to the homeless and hungry in the greater Sacramento area. Its services include shelter, counseling, parenting and independent living skills, substance abuse treatment, and job training. It serves over 2,000 people a day. You can help them find jobs and build a better life.

You can also help out by volunteering in the organization’s children’s programs. This will require you to organize fun activities, play games, and provide snacks to children. You may also choose to participate in Operation Backpack, which distributes free backpacks to children in the Sacramento area. To volunteer with the organization, you must attend a volunteer orientation.

The Volunteers of America Sacramento mission has been serving people in the Sacramento area since 1911. They operate more than 40 locally-run programs that provide food and shelter, counseling, parenting skills, and substance abuse treatment. The mission also provides employment and supportive services to over 3,500 people each night.

Services provided

Volunteers of America Sacramento offers a variety of services to its community. These services range from housing assistance to case management. It also offers counseling and employment training. These services are designed to help individuals overcome the barriers that keep them from obtaining stable housing. Whether they are a family or a single individual, volunteers of America Sacramento can assist you with finding the right resources for your needs.

Many programs and services provided by Volunteers of America Sacramento are free or low-cost. These include counseling and referrals, as well as summer camps and before and after-school programs. Other services include job training for older individuals and leadership development. Those who are interested in volunteering should attend volunteer orientation.

Volunteers of America Sacramento also offers housing assistance for senior citizens and their families. Housing assistance is available in a variety of forms, including low-income apartments. The organization also offers Veteran Housing, which helps elderly veterans maintain their independence.

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