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volunteers of america oregon

The Volunteers of America Oregon is a nonprofit that works to improve the lives of people in the state of Oregon. Its work includes promoting self-determination and social justice, and educating people about various issues and conditions. Its main goal is to create a more just society.

About Volunteers of America Oregon

Volunteers of America Oregon is Oregon’s oldest nonprofit service agency, with 125 years of continuous service. During this time, the agency has helped many individuals and families overcome adversity, bolster their families, and change lives. Learn more about our long history and the many ways we help our community.

As a nonprofit organization, Volunteers of America Oregon is dedicated to promoting self-determination and creating strong communities for those in need. It is also a strong supporter of social justice and the rights of children. The organization provides comprehensive social services and employs 340 people across Oregon. Its programs serve 19,000 Oregon residents every year.

Founded in 1896, Volunteers of America is one of the oldest nonprofit organizations in the United States and among the nation’s ten largest social service agencies. With affiliate headquarters in 46 states and the District of Columbia, Volunteers of America is able to have a large impact in every community it serves. The nonprofit is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, but its work is not limited to the Portland area.

Programs offered

As a non-profit in Oregon, Volunteers of America is dedicated to promoting self-determination, social justice, and building strong communities. As one of the state’s oldest social service agencies, the organization offers a wide range of comprehensive social services. For example, the Children & Family Services Division helps families create safe environments for children and operates a Family Relief Nursery and CourtCare daycare center.

Other services include alcohol and drug assessment, mental health evaluation, aftercare services, naturopathic health care, and family counseling. The organization also runs a 12-bed residential support program for men. This program links program participants with substance abuse treatment and employment services to help them become self-sufficient. Families with children involved in the child welfare system can also benefit from services that focus on recovery-oriented parenting.

The organization’s main goal is to prevent homelessness. For this reason, many locations offer an eviction prevention program to help families remain in their homes. In addition, the organization refers homeless families to motel voucher programs and helps them find permanent housing.

Locations in Oregon

Volunteers of America is a nonprofit organization that promotes social justice and self-determination by offering comprehensive services in the areas they serve. As one of the state’s oldest social service organizations, Volunteers of America Oregon provides a range of social services. Its mission is to support self-determination and empower individuals through education.

The organization was founded in 1904, and has offices around the state. Its main offices are located in Salem and Portland, Oregon. The Portland Volunteers of America location is located at NE Glisan Street, where the organization recently acquired a two-block property from Central Bible Church. The property includes a large church building and an unpaved parking lot across NE 90th Avenue.

Problems it solves

Volunteers of America Oregon is a nonprofit organization that promotes social justice and self-determination through social service programs. The organization also works to build strong communities. In its mission statement, the nonprofit explains its mission by addressing specific needs and issues. The nonprofit also describes its current programs and how they measure success. For example, the Children & Family Services Division works to create a safe environment for children and runs a Family Relief Nursery and a CourtCare daycare center.

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