Volunteers of America of Florida

volunteers of america of florida

Volunteers of America of Florida provides human services that are compassionate and personalized. They work with their clients to provide a path to self-sufficiency, and they offer a variety of opportunities to achieve success. These services include affordable housing, job training, and education. The nonprofit is located in Miami, Florida.

Provides affordable housing

Volunteers of America of Florida provides affordable housing to low-income families throughout Florida. The organization’s mission is to strengthen communities and provide housing for people in need. In addition to providing housing, VOA also offers safety net programs and services to help families maintain a stable lifestyle. They also work with local agencies and provide rapid rehousing in low-income areas.

This organization also serves homeless veterans by providing housing, case management, and job training. They also partner with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to provide financial assistance and help veterans apply for benefits. There are several housing sites throughout Florida.


The Volunteers of America of Florida education programs focus on education, employment services, and job training. The organization also partners with the Florida Department of Education for some of its programs. For instance, the Architectural Finishes program helps people upgrade their skills in a short period of time. The program requires applicants to have a high school diploma. There are also general education classes offered at VOA Lifelong Learning Centers in Tampa Bay and Miami.

Job training

The Volunteers of America of Florida offers a variety of employment services and job training programs for Florida residents. It is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate based on any protected class. The program also provides case management services and job interview training. The group also offers employment resources such as professional clothing and transportation to job interviews.

Volunteers of America of Florida started as a single office in an apartment complex. Now, it has expanded to provide comprehensive services to the most vulnerable Floridians. Its mission is to empower the less fortunate and help them lead productive lives. This organization is dedicated to reducing poverty by providing housing, behavioral health care, job training, education and employment services.

Employment services

The Volunteers of America of Florida offers employment services to veterans who have served in the armed forces. These services include case management and vocational training. They also help veterans apply for benefits and other financial aid. The organization offers housing, transportation and resume preparation for veterans. They also help veterans find the job they’re looking for.

Volunteers of America of Florida is a human services organization with locations all over the state of Florida. The organization provides many services for Florida residents, including affordable housing, mental health care, medical care, and employment services.

Supportive housing for veterans

Located in Tallahassee, Florida, Volunteers of America provides supportive housing for veterans in need. These programs include supportive housing, case management, and job training. Volunteers of America also works with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to help veterans obtain financial assistance and benefits. In addition to its housing programs, Volunteers of America also has clinics and employment services throughout Florida.

Through a partnership between the two organizations, more than seventy veteran housing projects have been funded in Florida. These projects include more than two thousand units, including 400 units for women veterans. Additionally, veterans in Florida can access job-search assistance from Volunteers of America, who will help them prepare resumes and job interviews. In addition, the organization provides professional clothing and transportation for job interviews.

Homeless veterans reintegration program

Volunteers of America of Florida’s homeless veteran reintegration program helps Veterans find transitional housing and supportive services. The program is open to homeless Veterans for two years and includes case management and outreach services. Additionally, the program offers residential treatment, case management, and outreach to help veterans find permanent housing.

The organization offers case management services and job training to veterans who are homeless or have no other means of earning an income. It also provides financial literacy training and tips on saving money. In addition to job placement, its program helps veterans connect with benefits programs, job interview classes, and professional clothing. It also provides transportation to job interviews.

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