Volunteers of America Northern Rockies

volunteers of america northern rockies

The Volunteers of America Northern Rockies (VON) is an organization that offers a range of programs to support veterans in western South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. These services include transitional living, outreach, treatment, and mental health. The VON also partners with the local Department of Labor to provide additional benefits to local veterans.

Peak Wellness Center

The Volunteers of America Northern Rockies and Peak Wellness Center have merged to provide more mental health services for area residents. With the combined efforts, the two organizations will serve more than 17,000 people in Wyoming, Montana and western South Dakota. The merger is expected to make the nonprofits more effective and efficient.

Peak Wellness has a history of helping veterans and their families, and the merger will not affect its services. However, future clients will notice a change in signage, and the logos on paperwork. The merger will ensure that the center’s clients will continue to receive high-quality care and support. Volunteers of America Northern Rockies is a nonprofit organization that has been serving the communities in the area since 1985.

Volunteers of America Northern Rockies is the largest community mental health center in Wyoming. It offers a range of services to under and uninsured people. The organization’s office is located in Torrington, Wyoming, and covers four counties. It employs about 350 people and provides services for a wide range of needs. It offers mental health services, addiction treatment and veteran services.

Volunteers of America

Volunteers of America Northern Rockies provides a number of programs and services for veterans in the state of Montana. These services include transitional living programs, outreach services, treatment and mental health services. The nonprofit is a faith-based organization. Read on to learn more about this organization and its programs.

Volunteers of America Northern Rockies (VOA-NR) is a regional affiliate of Volunteers of America Inc., a national nonprofit organization that focuses on assisting people who have a mental health problem. The organization provides treatment and support for people who are suffering from mental health and substance abuse issues.

Service to veterans

Volunteers of America Northern Rockies provides service to veterans throughout Montana, Wyoming and western South Dakota. They partner with the Department of Labor to offer supportive services for veterans in need. These programs include transitional housing, treatment services and outreach services. They also offer mental health support services and advocate for veterans. To learn more, visit volunteer.org. This nonprofit organization is a good place to get involved in the community and help veterans.

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