Volunteers of America New Orleans

volunteers of america new orleans

For more than a century, Volunteers of America has been supporting America’s most vulnerable citizens by providing health and human services that touch the mind, body and spirit. They address the most pressing challenges and develop innovative solutions to meet community needs. Today, their mission stretches across 16 parishes in south Louisiana, supporting over 50,000 people annually.

Volunteers of America is a human services organization

For over a century, the Volunteers of America have supported the nation’s most vulnerable people in ways that touch the body, mind and spirit. Their innovative programs address the most pressing issues of the day and develop innovative solutions to meet the needs of communities. Today, they work in 16 parishes of south Louisiana, impacting over 50,000 people annually.

As a nonprofit, Volunteers of America New Orleans works to meet the needs of families, children and adults. The organization also works with faith groups to provide assistance. This includes Jewish and Christian organizations. In the 1960s, the organization developed a close relationship with the government. Then, during the 1970s, as the government began privatizing social services, the organization expanded quickly, reaching increasingly diverse populations.

While the organization is a faith-based organization, it also provides services for individuals and families. Its mission is to empower individuals and families and restore dignity. The organization works with a range of clients, from homeless individuals to those returning from prison.

It helps create forever families

The Volunteers of America Adoption Program is a nonprofit agency that works to place children with loving families. The adoption agency offers counseling and support groups for birth parents and helps them find the best possible plan for their child’s future. The adoption agency also provides free counseling to adoptive parents and follow-up support.

With its programs, Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans aims to meet the most critical needs in the region. The organization provides high-quality and effective social services to homeless and at-risk youth, seniors, veterans, and disabled individuals. The organization operates more than 20 programs in sixteen parishes. The organization emphasizes self-sufficiency and independence for the elderly and the homeless, and supports positive development for troubled and at-risk youth.

It helps veterans

For more than a century, the Volunteers of America ministry of service has served America’s most vulnerable people. Their innovative programs and services touch the mind, spirit, and body, helping to address the most pressing issues of our time. Today, they impact 16 parishes in south Louisiana, supporting more than 50,000 people annually.

The organization provides assistance to veterans, their families, and the local community through rental assistance, job training, and counseling. Their Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program supports military members and their families as they reintegrate into the community. The organization also helps the homeless, aging, and disabled population.

Veterans and other low-income residents can move into the Veteran Housing program. They can also benefit from Senior Living and Care Communities. The organization helps elderly and disabled residents maintain their independence in a supportive environment. They also manage several housing units for families with children.

It helps women in crisis pregnancies

Volunteers of America New Orleans helps women in pregnancy crisis with counseling and resources. The organization offers free pregnancy tests and counseling five days a week. This is a big deal because back in the 1970s, women had to schedule appointments with doctors to find out if they were pregnant and would have to give up their privacy. The organization has also developed a call forwarding system where women in crisis could call and speak with a volunteer who would answer their phone call.

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