Volunteers of America Mid-States

volunteers of america midstates

Volunteers of America Mid-States is a nonprofit organization that aims to improve lives and communities. Its services cover diverse areas, such as helping displaced veterans and providing housing solutions for homeless families. It also provides financial assistance to college students. The organization is based in four states and has over 40 programs.

About Volunteers of America Mid-States

Volunteers of America Mid-States creates change in the community through volunteer service. With locations across the United States, the organization touches 1.5 million lives a year. They provide services and opportunities for people and families in need. Volunteers of America provides programs to help the homeless, at-risk children and pregnant women.

This nonprofit organization operates in Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia and Clark and Floyd counties in Indiana. Its programs assist the homeless, provide substance abuse treatment, and support individuals with developmental disabilities. In addition, it supports veterans in recovery. It is one of the largest providers of community services in the region.

Volunteers of America Mid-States is headquartered in Louisville, KY. Its services address substance abuse and homelessness, and fights against the opioid epidemic. The organization also provides services to combat veteran and family homelessness. The nonprofit also offers HIV awareness programs for those living in the area.

It provides financial support to students while they are working toward a degree

The VOA Scholars program offers financial support for students while they are pursuing a degree in social work. The program combines experienced supervision in a specific field of social work with hands-on experience in a high-quality nonprofit organization. Students who successfully complete the program can apply to work in a variety of clinical roles at VOA. Student applicants should be talented, compassionate, and committed. They should also have the desire to earn school credit through practicum work. This work can lead to a full-time position with VOA.

AmeriCorps is another opportunity to earn financial support while working toward a degree. Students who complete the program are eligible to receive a living allowance, certain health benefits, and networking opportunities. Additionally, full-time AmeriCorps members may qualify for a Student Loan Deferment. Depending on the program and type of participation, full-time members may also qualify for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. Additionally, their service hours may count toward 120 qualifying payments.

As a student, you may be interested in applying for scholarships. These awards can support your volunteering, and even the smallest award of $1000 can make a big difference in your college life. Students should apply as early as possible, as the deadline is April 21.

It helps the unemployed, hungry and homeless

Volunteers of America Mid-States works to help the unemployed, hungry and homeless through its various programs. Its mission is to serve those in need by providing food, shelter, and supportive services. Thousands of people each year are helped by the organization.

The organization was founded in the 1930s by social reformers Ballington and Maud Booth. The Booths envisioned a movement dedicated to “reaching and uplifting” the American people. They vowed to “go wherever the need is greatest” and “do whatever comes to hand.” Their mission still guides their outreach efforts today. During the Great Depression in the 1930s, the organization mobilized to provide food and relief to millions of people who were displaced or without jobs.

Compared to the general population, people who are homeless tend to be younger, more ethnically diverse, and members of families. Minorities and families headed by a mother are overrepresented among the homeless population. Veterans and elderly people are also among the homeless.

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