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volunteer of america los angeles

Founded in 1896, Volunteers of America Los Angeles provides a range of services to the community. These services include homelessness, substance abuse, early education, youth empowerment, and low-income housing, to name a few. Read on to learn more about what the organization has to offer.


If you’re interested in volunteering, the Los Angeles Mission is a great place to start. It’s a private, non-profit organization dedicated to helping the homeless and underserved in the Los Angeles area. Whether you’re considering a day of service or a longer-term commitment, the Mission will provide the education and support you need to help their mission.

Founded in 1896, the Volunteer of America Los Angeles Mission provides a range of services to the Los Angeles community. From affordable housing assistance to senior services, the organization’s programs help thousands of individuals each year. They help senior citizens and the homeless get back on their feet and achieve sustainable well-being.

Volunteers help distribute food and clothing to the homeless in the Hollywood area. They also learn about the organization’s “Work for Food” program, which helps the homeless gain a foothold and become self-reliant. Top workers in the program are rewarded with gift cards and the opportunity to apply for permanent housing. Volunteers also learn about the importance of Random Acts of Kindness, an initiative that helps those in need improve their lives.

Volunteers of America began in 1896 and has a $30 million budget. Its mission is to bring people into the active service of God by utilizing a dynamic ministry of service. Their programs focus on the entire person, addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those they serve.

For example, the One Voice Holiday Program provides Christmas meals, books, and toys to 2,500 families in the Los Angeles area. Volunteers can help by delivering food between 10:30am and 12:30pm Monday through Friday. This program requires a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance. The organization also welcomes student volunteers to the program. Younger students can help with office tasks, while older students can be paired with parents to deliver meals. High school students are especially appreciated for their reinforcement.


Volunteers of America Los Angeles is a nonprofit organization that believes in the potential of every person. The organization was founded in 1896. Today, it is one of the largest volunteer organizations in the country. Through its programs, volunteers help people of all ages and backgrounds improve their lives. It also teaches them to become leaders in their communities. For more information, visit the Volunteer of America Los Angeles website. You can also contact them at (818) 745-3885.

Volunteers of America Los Angeles provides a range of social services to individuals and families. These programs improve quality of life and promote sustainable well-being. These programs include affordable housing assistance, senior services, homeless services, programs for low-income families, and at-risk youth and children. Getting help from Volunteers of America Los Angeles can make a big difference in your life.

The Volunteer of America Los Angeles programs are based on six core principles. These principles include cultivating awareness, fostering compassion, developing the ability to transform lives, taking responsibility for actions and giving. The organization is also committed to environmental sustainability. In fact, the organization refurbished its Transition House in 2009 with green materials.

Volunteers of America Greater Los Angeles was founded in 1896 and now serves more than 35,000 people in the Los Angeles area. Their services include after-school and Head Start programs for children, food assistance and clothing services, as well as employment counseling and education programs. They also offer residential treatment for drug addiction and provide educational programs on how to avoid substance abuse.

The Volunteers of America Los Angeles programs help people from a variety of backgrounds and situations. Some clients are seniors, at-risk youth, and veterans. In addition, the program provides assistance to individuals with disabilities. The programs are limited in scope and resources but offer a great range of benefits. In addition, they are often able to connect their clients with other programs that will provide them with the assistance they need to live independently.


As a community-minded nonprofit organization, Volunteers of America Los Angeles is an outstanding place to work. With a long history of compassion and integrity, the organization promotes equality and opportunity for all. Its diverse range of services includes programs for low-income families and homeless people, affordable housing assistance, and senior services. It also works with at-risk youth and children to improve the lives of these communities.

Since the organization is a non-profit, it is perfectly legal for employees to join a union. A public union would protect employees from fraud and accounting errors and help to ensure fair compensation, adequate training, and a performance review. It would also help ensure that the organization adheres to proper standards in accounting and social programs. Considering all these factors, a union seems like the best option for Volunteers of America Los Angeles employees.

As a large nonprofit with a $100 million budget, Volunteers of America Los Angeles employees should enjoy crucial labor protections. These include oversight boards made up of employees, strong union provisions, and a fair living wage. While top executives can earn over $200,000 per year, front-line employees should not have to live below that amount. Moreover, Volunteers of America Los Angeles should be a shining example for unionization among large organizations.

Volunteers of America Los Angeles employees should always consult with their supervisors if they are experiencing problems. Most disagreements can be resolved at the lowest levels of the chain of command. However, if you believe that your supervisor is not being fair, you can file a grievance with management. You may be terminated if you do not meet these requirements.

Addresses homelessness, veterans’ issues, substance abuse, early education, youth empowerment, and low income housing

The Volunteer of America Los Angeles program addresses these issues in an integrated approach, using community-based strategies. The organization’s work is rooted in the belief that every person has the right to a safe, affordable place to live. This mission is accomplished through partnerships with nonprofits and government agencies. The organization is dedicated to helping people overcome barriers to stable housing and achieving personal success.

Homeless youth are particularly vulnerable to mental health and substance abuse issues. Some may have been abused by their parents and may be struggling with their own identity. In addition, many are LGBTQ youth and may experience violence in the home.

Emergency assistance programs range from emergency food baskets to medical and legal assistance. These programs provide temporary shelter and help families make essential life changes. They also offer comprehensive family development support, such as parenting and nutrition education programs, community gardens, and individual development accounts.

In addition to its programs, the Volunteer of America Los Angeles (VOALA) also has two drop-in centers, Good Seed, which provide comprehensive services and individual planning to homeless young people in the community. These programs also provide education and career preparation opportunities for homeless young people.

Community Action is not easy work. It is a constant challenge, and the demand for assistance is constantly changing. In addition to changing demographics and community needs, the federal government has changed. Programs like Community Action are now part of the Block Grant System, which allows for greater flexibility and specialization. In addition, poverty is viewed as a systemic issue that requires a systemic approach.

Volunteer of America Los Angeles has a long-standing reputation in helping homeless Los Angeles residents. The organization’s WIN app provides access to hundreds of resources for the community’s most vulnerable young residents. It also provides crisis intervention information and referral services in over 200 languages.

The Step Up program, which houses homeless Veterans with mental illness, provides comprehensive services to over 125 Veterans in Los Angeles and Orange counties. The organization’s Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program works closely with the US Department of Veterans Affairs. The program includes three motel conversions and two buildings on the West Los Angeles VA campus.

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