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The Volunteers of America logo is a versatile design element you can use for a variety of purposes. It’s available as an SVG file and can be opened with programs such as Adobe XD, Illustrator, or Inkscape. The logo is free for personal and non-commercial use.

125th anniversary

The Volunteers of America 125th anniversary logo pays tribute to the organization’s long history of serving the communities of need. Founded in 1896, the organization has grown to serve 1.5 million people in 400 communities across the United States each year. Over 16,000 staff members and 20,000 volunteers contribute their time and expertise to meet the needs of those in need. The organization is recognized as a leader in innovative service and has a proud history of transformation and success.

The Volunteers of America Northeast North Central was established in 1896 in Cleveland. Its mission was to provide disaster relief, seasonal relief, and alcohol rehabilitation services for the community. In its first year, it provided shelter for 60 people each day and operated two merchandise resale stores. It was directed by Capt. John Denton. In the early years, Cleveland’s Volunteers of America Ohio and Indiana posts were located at the People’s Mission and the Relief Department, which helped people with their rent, groceries, and medicines.


Volunteers of America is a nonprofit organization that works to end homelessness and other related problems in communities throughout the country. Their mission is to help people improve their lives and restore their dignity and self-reliance. Founded more than a century ago in New York City, the organization provides a range of services to those in need and offers volunteer opportunities. In the New York metropolitan area alone, the organization has more than 55 programs serving over 38,000 people. This number includes homeless families and individuals, young people in trouble, and adults with developmental disabilities.


As a Volunteers of America mission, you’ll have the opportunity to serve those who are less fortunate. At Mission of Hope, for example, you can feed the hungry and clothe the homeless. You can also help those who need employment and training. Mission of Hope also provides spiritual guidance and referrals. You can also enjoy a relaxing atmosphere at an interdenominational church service. The mission’s religious services and programs are designed to meet the spiritual needs of the homeless.

Volunteers of America was founded by Christian social reformers Ballington and Maud Booth. Their mission is to inspire others to actively serve God by providing a dynamic ministry of service. Volunteers of America programs focus on the whole person – their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.


When it comes to workplace culture, Volunteers of America values its employees and volunteers equally. The organization values commitment, full participation, and loyalty. The organization provides benefits and retirement packages to its employees. It also participates in E-Verify. While the Volunteers of America organization is a small organization, it provides a large variety of opportunities to employees.

The Human Resources Department at Volunteers of America is responsible for promoting a positive work environment. However, employees at the organization do not rate their work environment as “great” and rate it as “C-.” Although there is room for improvement, the organization’s employees are generally passionate about their work and are open-minded about new ideas.

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