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Volunteering with a non-profit organization can help you make a difference in your community. Whether you want to help the homeless, hungry, and unemployed, or you want to provide drug and alcohol treatment, there are ways to get involved. Rates start at as little as $77 per month.

Rates as low as $77/mo

Volunteers of America insurance in Minnesota protects local chapters from legal liabilities, such as lawsuits. This type of insurance is available at rates as low as $77 per month. Nonprofit organizations often need additional types of coverage. An insurance broker can answer your questions about your organization’s risk profile and craft the best plan at the lowest cost. For example, your organization may have a moderate amount of premises liability exposure, such as locations where people donate food or clothing. However, these locations need to be well-secured and easily accessible. Other exposures, such as processing facilities or warehouse operations, may be limited.

If you’re considering Volunteers of America insurance in Minnesota, make sure to carefully assess your needs and budget. These policies cover many common risks and can help ensure that your organization remains fully protected. Volunteers of America insurance in Minnesota can protect employees, volunteers, and the people they serve.

Helping the unemployed, hungry and homeless

Volunteers of America is an organization dedicated to helping the unemployed, hungry, and homeless. It was founded by social reformers Ballington Booth and his wife Maud in 1896. They envisioned a national movement that would help the underprivileged in the United States. They pledged to “go wherever we are needed” and “do whatever comes to our hand.” This commitment to helping the underprivileged is still evident in Volunteers of America’s outreach programs today. The group mobilized during the Great Depression, providing food and relief to the millions of unemployed and poor.

Today, Volunteers of America is the largest human services organization in the United States, serving 1.5 million people each year in hundreds of communities nationwide. While the organization’s combined revenues in 2014 topped $1.17 billion, it has always been a charity that steps forward to help those in need.

In the early years of the organization, Volunteers of America began operating in prisons, and during World War II, they spearheaded community salvage drives, collecting millions of pounds of fiber, rubber, and scrap metal for the war effort. The organization is also known for its involvement in the creation of the popular 1969 album by the Jefferson Airplane. However, the name was changed after the recording company RCA demanded that it be renamed.

In the United States, volunteers are a vital part of our society. Their contributions help nonprofit organizations run their operations. Without their dedication, these organizations would not survive. They provide assistance in many sectors including education, healthcare, and the environment.

Providing drug and alcohol treatment

If you are looking for quality drug and alcohol treatment in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Volunteers of America can help. They provide customized treatment plans and care that meets the needs of each client. Their professional staff offers emotional support and medical attention to help clients overcome their addiction. Their services are covered by many types of insurance, including Medicaid, Military Insurance, Private Health Insurance and Self-Pay. Admissions counselors will help you navigate your insurance policy.

Minnesota has a long history in providing drug and alcohol treatment and has a strong recovery community. It has been helping people in need for 74 years. In the Twin Cities alone, there is a thriving recovery community, with more than 500 sober living beds. The treatment is highly regulated and accountable, which ensures that every client gets the best treatment possible.

As a nonprofit organization, Volunteers of America provides community service programs across the country. They provide outreach programs in inner-city communities and rural areas. They also offer substance abuse education and services. Some programs even offer recovery housing for families with young children. Volunteers also help out with fundraising and media relations, and many volunteer positions involve interacting with the community.

Individual therapy addresses a client’s personal history. It often includes traumatic incidents that may have led to the addiction. The treatment emphasizes healthy responses to such incidents and helps the client work through those triggers.

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