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volunteers of america indianapolis


Volunteers of America Indianapolis is a nonprofit agency that provides life-changing services to people in need. Its services include counseling, rehabilitation, job placement, and residential care. Its clients include people who are transitioning from the correctional system and those who are coping with chronic addiction.

NTEE-CC codes

The IRS recognizes religious, charitable, scientific, and literary organizations. Volunteers of America is included in this category. The IRS issued a ruling on the NTEE code in 1973. The organization has a high confidence rating. It is a member of Voluntarism Promotion.

The NTEE-CC manual provides nonprofits with a standardized language for collecting and reporting data. This standard language is used to extract relevant information for donors and grantmakers. The NTEE-CC system is used to classify nonprofit organizations in the nation’s largest database. This system is also used by the IRS Statistics of Income (SOI) program to create its research databases.

The NTEE-CC system uses three levels of specificity to classify organizations. First, organizations are classified in major groups, followed by subject clusters. This allows for more precise classification. For example, an organization could fall under C36 Forest Conservation. This code is useful for evaluating an organization’s programmatic effectiveness, but it is also used to identify potential partners.

501(c)(3) status

Volunteers of America, Inc. is a nonprofit organization based in Indianapolis that provides local human services for those in need. Its name comes from the words “Volunteers of America,” which signifies the choice to serve others. The organization’s mission is to help the “whole person” – physical, emotional, and spiritual – through dynamic ministry.

As one of the 35 affiliates of Volunteers of America, the Indianapolis office is part of a national organization that assists nearly 1.3 million people in a variety of ways. Locally, the organization has helped the homeless, low-income seniors, and men and women returning from incarceration. The organization also works with community groups to empower people and communities. The organization has program offices in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and Gary.


Founded in 1896, the Volunteers of America Indianapolis is a faith-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping those in need. Its services include housing, mental health and addictions treatment, and long-term care. It also provides job placement and community involvement. The organization is accredited by the Council on Accreditation Services for Families and Children.

The Indianapolis location of the organization offers several employment opportunities. The organization works with over 1,000 employees to help those in need rebuild their lives. The Volunteers of America Indianapolis organization specializes in helping people regain control of their lives. Its services include counseling, outpatient treatment programs, residential care, senior assistance, and job placement.


Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Volunteers of America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping those in need. This faith-based organization works in the community to provide housing, rehabilitation, job placement, and more. It supports at-risk youth, the elderly, people with disabilities, and people who are suffering from addiction.

The Indianapolis branch of Volunteers of America is one of many in the state, and its services range from outpatient addiction treatment to residential rehab. The agency also offers senior assistance, job placement, and counseling services. Currently, over 14,000 individuals use the services offered by Volunteers of America. You can help by volunteering, donating your time, or donating thrift items.

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