Volunteers of America in Columbus, Ohio

volunteers of america in columbus ohio

Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio is a nonprofit organization that provides many services to the poor, homeless, and working poor throughout the state. Some of these services include low income housing, job training, referrals, and other social services. To learn more about the agency and its services, read on.

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Volunteers of America is a national faith-based nonprofit that provides services to thousands of people every year. Locally, Volunteers of America provides assistance to homeless individuals, frail elderly, at-risk youth, and people with disabilities and addictions. Whether you want to volunteer your time or donate your time to a local charity, you can find a volunteer opportunity to fit your interests and your schedule.

The Volunteers of America of Greater Columbus Chapter is led by Cory McConnell, who was appointed Executive Director in late 2019. In this role, McConnell advocates for five lines of service and acts as a leader and ambassador. McConnell earned his bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Criminology from Ohio University. After graduation, McConnell worked as a SCUBA leadership divemaster, instructing forty students each quarter.


Volunteers of America is an organization that was founded in 1896 and offers financial and social assistance to people in need. They provide services to homeless individuals, veterans, people recently released from prison, and those with disabilities. Their programs include food pantries, clothing assistance, and emergency housing. Their offices are located on East Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio.

Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio is the largest nonprofit in the state and operates programs throughout the state. The organization offers a range of services to low-income families, including free food and shelter, job training, and referrals. They also have many holiday programs, including an outreach program during the holiday season.

Volunteers of America in Columbus, Ohio helps the most vulnerable populations in our communities. Volunteers of America offers housing, food, and clothing to people who are homeless, frail, or suffering from a mental illness. Volunteers of America also offers employment training and other services for veterans to help them transition back to civilian life.


The Volunteers of America in Columbus, Ohio offers a variety of programs to help homeless people. Their Veteran & Families FIRST program, for instance, helps homeless veterans find affordable housing and become self-sufficient. This program works to prevent homelessness and keep homeless veterans from experiencing homelessness in the future.

The organization offers many different types of services to help those in need, including free meals and low-income housing. Their Well Rested Child program provides low-cost beds and bedding to children and families in need. To qualify, children must be under 18 years old, attend school, and come from low-income households. Another program, Thanksgiving Care-A-Van, provides meals to homeless and elderly families for Thanksgiving. Children’s literacy programs are also a main focus of this group.

Volunteers of America is a faith-based, non-profit organization that helps thousands of people each year in Ohio and Indiana. Founded in 1896, it supports community groups and individuals that are coping with poverty. It also supports the care of the elderly, at-risk youth, and those with addictions.

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The Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio is the largest non-profit organization in the state, with offices all over the state. Their many services offer low-income housing, job training, referrals, and other help for families in need. Listed below are some of the programs available through the organization.

Veterans & Families FIRST: This program helps low-income veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness get back on their feet. The mission of this organization is to help these veterans find permanent housing so that they can avoid the trauma of homelessness. Through this program, Veterans and their families can develop the skills they need for daily living.

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