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volunteers of america houston

Volunteers of America Texas is a faith-based non-profit organization that offers a variety of programs to help those struggling with poverty in the state of Texas. Their programs focus on populations most at-risk, including youth and families. They also provide affordable housing for the elderly and support for people with developmental disabilities. These programs provide hope to people who are in desperate need.

Job description

The Volunteers of America Houston job description offers a variety of positions and responsibilities. The organization’s mission is to improve communities by serving the most vulnerable residents. Their programs help low-income residents improve their lives by providing affordable housing, education, financial coaching, and other services. They also provide programs for people with disabilities. The company’s employees enjoy a comprehensive benefits package. This includes health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, and optional benefits. They also have a retirement plan.


There are many different ways to get involved with Volunteers of America, and Houston is no exception. The organization’s various programs help many people, from young children to teens to elderly. Some programs help families deal with problems such as poverty or addiction. Other programs support the needs of homeless youth and provide foster care for children. In addition, the organization offers group homes and residential treatment for youth with substance abuse problems.

Volunteers of America Texas is a local nonprofit organization that focuses on helping the poor and underprivileged in Texas. Their services provide affordable housing, job training programs, life skills and financial coaching, and support for people with disabilities. The organization’s mission is to make the lives of these people as productive as possible, so that they can lead a more independent life.

Experience required

Experience is not always necessary for the volunteer program at Volunteers of America Houston. If you have patience, commitment, flexibility, and creativity, you could be a great fit for this role. The organization offers a generous benefits package, including health insurance, dental insurance, and life insurance. Employees can also opt for a retirement plan.

Volunteers at Houston Methodist Hospital provide valuable service to the hospital. Some positions involve working directly with patients, while others are behind-the-scenes. Volunteers may help with different customer service duties, like answering phones and operating the cash register. Other volunteer positions include dispensing art supplies to patients, comforting them, and expressing compassion through music. Those interested in applying for these positions must fill out a volunteer application. Once their application is reviewed, a volunteer team will contact them to arrange a time that works best with their availability.


If you’re looking for a Houston charity that provides services to those in need, you can look no further than the Volunteers of America. The local nonprofit provides a wide range of programs to families, seniors, and people with disabilities. These services include job training, affordable housing, and support for those suffering from poverty and addiction.

While volunteers may not be able to give financial support, they are often able to provide free or low-cost food and clothing to those in need. Some Volunteers of America locations also provide home-delivered meals to homebound individuals. Other services offered include family reunification services, residential treatment for youth with substance abuse, and residential treatment for homeless and foster children.


The Volunteers of America Houston location provides a variety of services to those seeking help in overcoming drug addiction, homelessness, and poverty. The organization addresses the underlying causes of these problems, providing affordable housing, financial coaching, and life skills classes for clients in need. The group also coordinates employment services and housing services for people with disabilities.

The Intensive Outpatient Program is designed to provide patients with a step-by-step plan for re-entry into a normal life. The program is best for patients who have completed residential treatment. It is designed to help patients gradually return to their normal lives, allowing them to live with their families, continue to work, or continue their studies. These programs are complemented by education sessions and counseling sessions.

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