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volunteers of america housing

The Volunteers of America housing program offers assistance to a variety of people, including the elderly, disabled, and at-risk youth. In addition, the organization also offers services to prisoners and veterans. For more information about this program, click here. In addition to its housing program, the organization also refers applicants to other public assistance programs. However, its resources are limited, so they cannot provide every applicant with every type of assistance.

Job description

If you want to work for a nonprofit organization that provides affordable housing, you may want to apply for a position with Volunteers of America. This organization provides services to homeless and low-income individuals in the Delaware Valley, as well as provides case management and residential supervision. The position requires strong leadership skills, knowledge of the housing system in Los Angeles, and familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite. In addition, you should have good communication skills and be able to create relationships with program participants and landlords.

Volunteers of America provides housing and supportive services to homeless and low-income seniors and those with disabilities. They also help elderly and disabled individuals apply for government assistance programs such as Medicaid and the Veterans Administration. These services can be combined or used independently, or as a supplement to other resources. For example, Volunteers of America housing services may include case management, referrals to other public assistance programs, and eviction prevention.

Programs offered

Volunteers of America is a nonprofit organization that provides affordable housing and services to people in need. These services range from apartments and homes for low-income families to long-term nursing home care and rehabilitation programs for people who have been incarcerated. Additionally, the organization provides resources and referrals to other public assistance programs.

Volunteers of America’s goal is to help those in need rebuild their lives and reach their potential. The organization provides housing, mental health services, substance abuse and treatment, employment services, and other social services that empower people to live a healthier and more productive life. Founded in 1896, the organization has programs in 46 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, serving over 38,000 individuals each year.

In Colorado, Volunteers of America offers low-income housing, meals-on-wheels, Head Start programs, and emergency shelters. It also provides help for the homeless and veterans in Denver. Volunteers of America housing programs can help people with low income and rent-stabilization problems. Some offices specialize in helping veterans and seniors live independently.

While VOA housing programs are meant to help the homeless, many people become homeless during their lifetime. This is why the organization is committed to supporting those who are experiencing homelessness in different stages. For example, there are transitional housing programs that are intended to help people find permanent housing while they work to build better lives. In many cases, eviction prevention programs are part of the program.

Some Volunteers of America centers offer soup kitchens. These programs provide free or low-cost food to the homeless and people battling addictions. Some locations also offer free meal delivery to homebound individuals. Moreover, many centers also have food pantries and clothing closets. Volunteers of America also offers job training programs.


Volunteers of America offers housing and long-term care programs for seniors in many areas. They can also assist seniors in applying for government-provided health care and Medicaid. Some Volunteers of America housing locations even offer free dental care. The organization also maintains thrift stores and a food pantry. Interested residents can apply online or at their local location.

Founded in 1896, Volunteers of America has served many communities and populations. It provides affordable units and apartments to low-income families, as well as veteran housing. It also provides assistance to the elderly and those with disabilities. It also helps homeless families and children in need, and offers programs for veterans and at-risk youth.


Volunteers of America is one of the largest providers of affordable housing in the country. Its various programs help low-income families find housing, job training, and counseling. These programs also help veterans and the elderly maintain their independence. In addition, the organization manages housing units for low-income families and those with children. This nonprofit organization also provides housing to those with disabilities and the homeless.

The organization was founded in 1896 and is now the fourth largest nonprofit developer of affordable housing in the country. It has over 25,000 affordable housing units for low-income residents. Founded by Christian social reformers Maud Booth and Ballington, Volunteers of America is committed to helping those who are in need.

The organization’s history is deeply rooted in American life. During the Great Depression, volunteers reorganized the home front to help the unemployed and the needy. They helped run penny pantries and day nurseries, provided low-cost housing for working men and women, and established free hospitals for the poor.

Volunteers of America operates thrift stores to raise money for their programs. The money they raise in these stores is used to operate their offices and provide housing, financial aid, and other resources. The inventory of these stores will vary from location to location, but most will have clothes, home goods, and appliances. Some stores may also offer kitchen supplies and other cooking essentials.

Volunteers of America provides long-term solutions to homelessness, poverty, addiction, education, and criminal behavior. With over 400 offices in 46 states, the organization is dedicated to helping the most vulnerable people in America. With its housing, home health care, and job training programs, they reach 1.5 million individuals each year.

Contact information

If you or a loved one has recently found yourself in need of affordable housing, Volunteers of America can help. This nonprofit human services organization has been helping those in need for more than 100 years. It offers a variety of programs to help individuals and families live healthy and productive lives. Its housing services are offered in over 400 communities in 46 states.

Volunteers of America houses homeless individuals and families in need by providing affordable, safe housing. The organization also provides other services, including daycare, thrift stores, mental health services, and transportation for the elderly and the disabled. Their housing programs focus on veterans, those suffering from chronic mental illness, and young adults (18-25) at risk of homelessness.

The Volunteers of America Women Veterans Services Program helps women Veterans in need of permanent housing. The organization partners with the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide transitional housing and intensive case management services. They work with the participants of the program to secure permanent housing, apply for government benefits, and set a budget. The organization also provides financial aid to help with security deposits and moving expenses.

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