Volunteers of America Cheyenne Wyoming

volunteers of america cheyenne wy


Psychiatry at Volunteers ofAmerica Cheyenne Wyoming provides care for patients with substance use disorders and mental health issues. The hospital covers 4 counties in the area. The facility also offers counseling services. The doctors at the clinic provide a range of treatments, including medication management.

The clinic provides services for children and adults with serious and persistent mental illnesses. Many of the clinic’s services can be obtained through the State’s Medicaid program. The state’s Medicaid program provides health care to low-income individuals.

Behavioral health

The Volunteers Of America Cheyenne Wyoming Behavioral health network has six members in the area. They offer services in mental health, substance use disorders, counseling, and other areas. The organization is affiliated with the state of Wyoming and accepts State welfare funds for its services. The network includes physicians, social workers, and other service providers.

The nonprofit group is one of the largest mental health centers in Wyoming. It provides services for underserved and uninsured clients in the state. It serves four counties in the area, including Cheyenne, Torrington, and Wheatland.

Community health worker

The Volunteers Of America Northern Rockies (VOAR) is a faith-based, nonprofit organization that helps people rebuild their lives and families. With a staff of dedicated volunteers and professional staff, this organization is committed to creating thriving communities and strong families. The organization was founded in 1985 and is based in Sheridan, Wyoming. It is part of the national nonprofit group Volunteers of America, Inc.

The organization offers several types of services. One example is mental health. The VOAR offers counseling, substance abuse treatment, and other services for people with mental health problems. Additionally, it offers a network of medical professionals to address the needs of patients in Wyoming.


If you are in need of a mental health counselor in Cheyenne Wyoming, the VOA Northern Rockies is a great option. The organization provides mental health services to underinsured and uninsured clients throughout the state of Wyoming. In addition to being a great choice for mental health counseling, VOA also provides substance use disorder treatment.

The counseling services provided by Volunteers of America Northern Rockies are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. Depending on the severity of the client’s condition, the program can last for as little as three weeks or as long as ninety-five days. The length of time is not determined at the time of admission, but is monitored as the client progresses through treatment.

Addiction (Substance Use Disorder)

Addiction (Substance Use Disorder) is one of the most common mental health problems, and the Volunteers Of America Cheyenne Wyoming offers professional counseling services to help those suffering from this condition. The medical group at this clinic includes doctors in a variety of specialties, including psychiatry and counseling. In addition, they also provide services in social work and other areas related to mental health.

Substance use disorders can lead to a wide range of problems, including economic harm, social instability, and criminal activity. Prevention and treatment methods exist to treat addiction, but there is a gap between research and the implementation of effective practices. As a result, the volunteers of America Cheyenne Wyoming help treat individuals suffering from addiction by offering a variety of supportive services, residential and outpatient treatment options.


In order to help people in need, Volunteers of America Cheyenne Wyoming Medicaid offers services that range from food and gas to bus tickets. The program also offers crisis intervention services and emergency shelter. In addition, it offers legal support, cyber security services, and child support enforcement. Other services include early intervention services for children, including speech and language screenings, occupational and physical therapy, and hearing and vision screenings.

The program works with licensed medical facilities and healthcare providers in the state to provide free health care. Under the law, these providers and facilities are protected from liability for malpractice claims. Moreover, the program only covers services that are within their professional duties.

Behavioral health providers in Cheyenne Wyoming

The Volunteers of America Behavioral health providers in the Cheyenne area provide a variety of mental health and substance use disorder treatment services. The organization provides care for patients suffering from depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions. It covers four counties and employs 350 people. In addition, it offers treatment for addiction and substance use disorders. The organization also offers counseling services and social work.

Behavioral health services are available through Medicaid. The program is a joint state and federal program that covers some medical costs for low-income residents. A list of participating Medicaid providers can be found in the Wyoming Telehealth Provider Directory. This directory lists all Wyoming Telehealth providers, as well as which insurances they accept. In addition, the directory also lists whether or not face-to-face initial appointments are required.

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