Volunteers of America Alexandria Expands Its Service Area

volunteers of america alexandria la

The Volunteers of America Alexandria office offers a wide variety of services to the communities in which it operates. Its services include affordable housing and behavioral and mental health services. It also provides children and family programs, and addresses homelessness. With the new office, the organization will serve an additional eight parishes in the area.

Locations in Louisiana

The Locations of Volunteers of America in Louisiana have recently undergone an expansion to serve eight additional parishes. As a human services organization, Volunteers of America offers a range of programs to assist vulnerable people. These services include mental health and behavioral health care, affordable housing and family programs. It also assists at-risk seniors and veterans with their daily lives and offers therapeutic foster care.

The Locations of Volunteers of America in Louisiana is becoming a hub for services for the most vulnerable people in the region. Founded in 1896, the nonprofit organization helps meet the basic needs of people living in low-income areas. Their programs and services range from counseling to providing transportation services.

Services provided

Volunteers of America in Alexandria, Louisiana is a nonprofit organization that offers a variety of services to individuals in need. These services include affordable housing, behavioral and mental health services, children and family programs, and homelessness services. The organization is expanding its service area in the region and already serves over 8,000 individuals each year.

The organization works to make sure that every individual has a safe place to live and maintain a positive mental state. This organization provides mental health services that help homeless clients find and maintain permanent housing. To apply, clients must meet with a Housing Specialist to determine whether they qualify. Eligibility requirements include mental illness and homelessness.

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