Volunteer Opportunities in New York City

volunteer opportunities nyc

If you’re interested in donating your time, New York City has many opportunities for you to help. You can volunteer at nonprofit organizations, help the city’s parks, and teach kids new skills. There are also many ways to help animals in shelters. Browse the many available volunteer opportunities and narrow down the field.

New York Cares

If you are looking for a way to give back to your community, consider joining New York Cares volunteer opportunities. This nonprofit organization was founded in 1987 by residents of New York City in order to address a variety of social issues in the city. Currently, the organization engages around 65,000 volunteers every year.

Volunteering with New York Cares can be as easy or as complex as you choose. If you prefer to work on a project that you’re passionate about, contact the organization’s staff to learn more about volunteer opportunities in the city. You can choose from any of the organization’s core program areas.

The message that New York Cares uses focuses on the impact and outcomes of volunteering. It uses storytelling and emotional language to engage volunteers. New York Cares uses in-house technology infrastructure to measure volunteer engagement and to fine-tune its messaging. Moreover, the organization emphasizes their volunteer orientation program and follow-up support.

New York Cares volunteers can help enrich the lives of young children in the area through the Early Career Committee. In this role, volunteers read to kids and guide them through various educational activities. To participate, volunteers can either choose a small group of kids or work with clients one-on-one.

City Parks Foundation

Volunteering with the City Parks Foundation is a great way to make a difference in NYC’s parks and green spaces. The organization runs a variety of programs to support the parks and make them lively centers of community life. These programs range from environmental education to community-building and sports. The parks are a vital part of the heart of New York, and they serve as wonderful learning and experience centers as well.

One of the most important programs of the City Parks Foundation is SummerStage, a free performing arts festival that brings world-class artists to diverse audiences. It also serves as a critical platform for emerging artists and exposes the public to a variety of artistic forms. Among the many performing arts programs that are available, there are dance and performance performances, American and world music, film, and spoken word.

Throughout the year, the City Parks Foundation offers free outdoor environmental education and multi-sport programs for children. These programs are free of charge and take place during Fresh Air Open Spaces, which run from July 13 to August 21. The City Parks Foundation provides space for these programs, as well as trained staff. The Fresh Air Open Spaces program provides children with fun and engaging environmental science explorations.


There are many volunteer opportunities available with ArchCare, a non-profit organization that helps the elderly in New York City live fuller lives. Volunteers can spend their time chatting with the elderly, playing games, and exchanging ideas. Volunteers may also choose to help create public art in the city. Volunteers may also choose to work with CITYarts, a non-profit organization that empowers and connects youth and older adults through art.

For those with an inclination for helping people, ArchCare’s TimeBank program is an ideal fit. The program works in neighborhoods throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. TimeBank volunteers give an hour of their time every time they volunteer for the organization, and in return they receive an hour of free time. Currently, the TimeBank has more than 1,000 members and has earned more than 17,000 hours of service.


CITYarts offers volunteers the opportunity to help with community projects in the five boroughs. Volunteers can work on murals and other projects with the help of professional artists. They can also donate materials, create murals, or participate in an internship. These opportunities are great ways to help the community in a positive way.

CITYarts works with local communities to create beautiful public art that engages youth. Their projects are often site-specific and address social issues. Interested volunteers can apply to help by submitting an application form. Volunteers can be involved in community-wide murals, street art projects, or murals with specific themes.

Creative engagements must be free to the public. They don’t need to be new works; they can be restagings of existing works. Applicants must be current residents of New York City and provide proof of creative activity for the past two years. These activities must be confirmed by the organization.

City Harvest

City Harvest is a great volunteer opportunity for people who want to give back to the community. The nonprofit, which started in 1982, aims to connect surplus food with hungry New Yorkers. Every year, the organization collects and delivers more than 110 million pounds of food to food pantries and soup kitchens, as well as other community partners. Volunteers can get involved in a wide range of tasks, including delivering fresh produce and interacting with elderly people.

Volunteers are needed for three different activities at the food access points located in the five boroughs. The organization will train new volunteers by shadowing their current staff members. They will also receive skill-building trainings focusing on different Nutrition Education activities. This program is open to people of all ages.

Volunteers will help to prepare and distribute meal kits. Volunteers will also help to distribute flyers and make deliveries. These volunteer opportunities will allow volunteers to learn about nutrition and help those in need.

Sustainable South Bronx

Sustainable South Bronx is a community organization dedicated to developing environmentally sustainable projects in the South Bronx. Founded in 2001, the organization aims to create a more equitable society by creating projects that address environmental and economic issues in the area. These projects are informed by community feedback and information. They also promote values such as environmental justice.

The organization’s first project is the Building Materials ReUse Center and DeConstruction Service, which recycles building materials from construction sites. The materials are then reused at community projects or sold for profit. This organization partners with a worker-owned business called ICA Group to create sustainable projects.

Another SSB project is the development of green roofs in Hunts Point. The SSB is collaborating with other organizations like the Cool City Project at Columbia University and the Urban Planning Program to implement this project. This project aims to create more green spaces in the area, reducing pollution and improving health.

Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice is another volunteer opportunity in Sustainable South Bronx. The nonprofit organization is dedicated to promoting environmental justice and building peace in the community. It was founded in 1994 and works with the Bronx River Alliance and United Way to create environmentally-conscious communities. They host programs in environmental justice, arts, employment, housing, and community engagement.

American Red Cross

If you’re interested in volunteering in NYC, the American Red Cross has many opportunities for you to get involved. The organization provides immediate relief in times of disaster through the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors. You can choose to volunteer one time or donate monthly to help the organization. If you’d like to volunteer more often, you can sign up for their email alerts and save your favorite organizations.

Volunteers can also become Caseworkers, a key role in providing assistance to disaster victims. This role includes identifying various resources for disaster victims and working toward their recovery. You’ll have the opportunity to help individuals and families overcome the traumatic event of losing their homes. Volunteers working in this position should be prepared to work with people of all backgrounds and have the ability to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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