Volunteer Meaning in Urdu

volunteer meaning in urdu

In the English language, volunteer means a person who steps forward to help others. Its synonyms include Advance, Propose, Step Up, Bring Forward, Sign Up, Let Oneself In For, Stand Up, Offer Services, Take Initiative, and Suggest. In Urdu, the word is pronounced vO-rD khr.

rD khr (Raza kar) is a volunteer

RD Khr (Raza Kar) means volunteer in Urdu. This word has a wide range of contexts and uses in English, and has a variety of meanings in the different languages. It is helpful to look at examples of the word Volunteer in the English and Urdu language in order to understand the proper usage. Fortunately, an English to Urdu dictionary is an excellent tool to use to help you translate the words.

HSh lyny khm njm dyny khm khrt hy

HSh lyny krt hy corresponds to a word with three characters. The first character is a variable. The second character is a vowel. The third character is a consonant.

This word is equivalent to ‘thunderable’ in the original language. It is also pronounced as ‘lyny’. It has many different meanings. In other words, it describes a type of thunderstorm. For example, a storm may be ‘THUNDERABLE.’

This word can be interpreted as ‘ef’ or ‘e’, depending on the context. For example, ‘rhnt’ is equivalent to c(tm)aef, and ‘rrwt’ equals c(tm)1/2 aeo.

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