Volunteer Meaning in Hindi

volunteer meaning hindi

Volunteer is a noun in the Hindi language, and has several meanings. The word is pronounced like the Latin word Vikreta and is spelled vol-uh-n-teer. In the English language, volunteers are often called volunteers. They often work in humanitarian efforts.

Volunteer is a noun by form

Volunteer is a noun in Hindi that has several meanings. Originally, it was pronounced as khnaa, but the ending was changed due to the word’s association with the -eer ending. It is commonly spelled vol-uh-n-teer.

This word is derived from the Latin word voluntarius, meaning “of one’s own free will”. It can be used to describe an act that is given without payment. For example, a volunteer in the community theater may do the work without receiving a salary. Volunteers are also known as community service workers.

In Hindi, the word “volunteer” has several synonyms, including “unpaid worker,” “chip-in,” “sign-up,” “proffer,” and “enlistee.” In English, it means “volunteer,” and has various definitions.

In Hindi, a volunteer is someone who offers to do work for a non-profit organization or charity without any compensation. The word volunteer can also refer to a person who does not have any specific requirements, but chooses to do so. In English, the word volunteer refers to a person who provides voluntarily but is not forced to do so.

It is a noun by parts of speech

In Hindi, the word volunteer means volunteer. A volunteer is a person who volunteers their time for a cause. There are two forms of volunteers: paid volunteers and unpaid volunteers. Both terms have different meanings. For example, paid volunteers don’t volunteer their time for a cause, while unpaid volunteers do.

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