Volunteer Jobs Online

volunteer jobs online

If you’re looking for volunteer jobs online, there are many opportunities to choose from. For example, there are iCloudBe opportunities to empower at-risk middle and high school students. PeaceGeeks offers to help cancer patients. And Amnesty Decoders works to help those in need all over the world.

iCloudBe empowers at-risk middle and high school students

iCloudBe empowers at-risk youth by providing them with mentors to help them achieve their goals in school and in life. The organization pairs volunteers with mentees for one hour a week. Volunteers use a social software platform to establish trusting relationships with their mentees.

One of the team members is Gabriela Arevalo Avellaneda, a former reading teacher who has recently become an instructional coach for an urban middle school. She has a Bachelor’s degree in education and a Master’s degree in public school administration. She uses her own experiences as a mente to help youth succeed in school.

iCloudBe protects the privacy of students by using secure network protocol TLS 1.2 and using secure tokens to authenticate users. The company also uses minimum 128-bit AES encryption when storing student data on its servers. Furthermore, it never gives out its encryption keys to third parties and keeps them in secure data centers.

iCloudBe offers help to cancer patients

iCloudBe offers help to cancer patients through apps that integrate with Apple’s HealthKit and CareKit features. The app allows patients to share their activities and progress with their medical care team. They can also nominate “Champions” or share milestones with family and friends. The app also lets them keep a journal and track their daily activities.

Cancer treatment is expensive and for those without insurance, the costs can easily exceed six figures. Fortunately, there are many government programs and patient assistance organizations that offer financial assistance to cancer patients. Cancer is the number one killer in the United States, and the American Cancer Society estimates that 1.9 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed in the country by 2021. Breast cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer are among the most common types of cancer.

Cancer patients often worry about the financial costs associated with cancer treatment. The bills can pile up fast, and many cancer patients seek financial help as soon as possible after a diagnosis. Financial help is available through oncology social workers and case managers. In addition to these resources, doctors and nurses can refer cancer patients to other financial resources. Managing bills and other financial responsibilities can be challenging for a person with cancer, so it’s crucial to get your finances organized and keep track of your monthly income and expenses.

Cancer patients who use an Apple device can use the free app Chemo Brain to keep track of important information. A patient’s memory is often compromised during the chemotherapy process, and Chemo Brain makes it possible to take notes in the moment while discussing treatment with their doctor. It also records the conversation and sends e-mails to family members when necessary.

PeaceGeeks offers help to cancer patients

The website offers resources to help cancer patients manage the financial costs of their cancer treatments. It offers a Financial Navigator that can help patients manage treatment costs and communicate with healthcare providers about insurance benefits. There are also tips for patients on coping with their daily financial responsibilities. This resource can help you make the most of the resources available to you.

The Cancer Support Community offers real support for cancer patients and their caregivers. Their helpline is staffed by volunteers who are passionate about cancer and patient support. Throughout the day, these volunteers make sure that their cancer patients are supported by real people who care about them. They have helpful tips for patients and caregivers, and they’ll even offer their expertise for free!

Amnesty Decoders

If you have a passion for human rights, you can become an Amnesty Decoder and help researchers uncover human rights violations. You can choose from various projects such as decoding oil spills and troll patrols, or you can help research sex abuse against women.

Amnesty Decoders uses technology to empower volunteers to help researchers find key human rights information. Their volunteers help them sort through huge digital information and databanks, easing the burden of information overload for researchers. This innovative platform was founded in June 2016, and has already completed seven projects.

Another interesting online volunteer job is with Amnesty Decoders, an innovative platform that allows you to connect with nonprofits. The organization needs people with computer and mobile phone skills to help them research human rights violations on the internet. You can also help translate a variety of texts. For example, the Amnesty Decoders website needs people who speak two languages to translate medical texts and crisis response texts. Another opportunity is proofreading eBooks. You can work on one page at a time for a fee, which is very flexible.

Volunteers can also volunteer at the United Nations, which has a program that connects individuals with nonprofit organizations. You can help with various tasks through the United Nations, which helps to prevent human rights violations around the world. You can even volunteer for Amnesty Decoders online if you don’t want to travel overseas. This online program allows you to give an hour or two a week and help the organization fight human rights abuses.

TechSoup offers help to cancer patients

TechSoup Global Network partners include Okta, Airbnb, Kintone, and the Walt Disney Company. The organization has also partnered with Google for Nonprofits, Amazon Web Services, Benevity, Sage, and the World Bank. TechSoup Europe is the regional hub for TechSoup Global Network, driving collaborations across the region.

TechSoup is based in San Francisco and was founded on the belief that technology is an enabler of social change. It has built a global community of individuals and organizations committed to making the world a better place. Its services include the largest technology philanthropy service for social benefit organizations, connecting more than 100 partner organizations and donors.

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