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volunteer jobs vancouver

Volunteering in Vancouver offers a wide range of opportunities for people to help out in the community. There are hundreds of organizations that need help to run their everyday operations, so finding a volunteer job that suits your skill set can be easy. Covenant House Vancouver, for example, helps homeless youth by providing them with meals, clothes, and medical assistance. This organization aims to help them start a new life. Volunteers at this organization also help them find apartments to live in.

Red Cross

Volunteering with the Canadian Red Cross offers a variety of benefits, and there are many ways to make a difference in your community. The organization is dedicated to preventing and responding to disasters, and needs volunteers for a variety of positions. From personal crisis responders to large-scale emergency response, there are many ways to help.

Volunteering with the Red Cross is a great way to meet new people, practice your skills, and give back to the community. Not only can you make a difference in someone’s life, but you’ll also meet new people and make lifelong friends in the process. Red Cross volunteer jobs in Vancouver are available in many different fields, and you can find the right fit for you by checking out the Red Cross website or the national society’s volunteer website.

As a Red Cross volunteer, you’ll be part of a team that helps those in crisis around the world. Your role will include helping to expand the organization’s Home Fire Campaign, increasing volunteer engagement, and providing direct service to your community.

Greater Vancouver Food Bank

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank is a non-profit organization that distributes nutritious food to people in need in the Greater Vancouver area. It works with more than 80 community agencies to provide food assistance to thousands of people each week. The food bank is committed to ending hunger and has a vision of a society where everyone has access to adequate nutrition. Volunteering at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank can be an empowering and rebalancing experience for the volunteers.

Volunteers help the food bank by helping sort donated food and prepare food hampers. Volunteers work in teams and are needed between 7:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Monday-Friday. They also fill out donation slips and lift 40 to 50-pound boxes. Volunteers do not need a CDL to complete these tasks.

Volunteering at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank can help students gain a perspective on global citizenship and social justice. Many students had previously used the food bank and found the experience enlightening. They became more compassionate towards food bank users and became more knowledgeable about the wide range of issues surrounding food insecurity. In addition, students were excited to be part of a group that helped their community. They also learned about career opportunities and meaningful employment.


If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity in Vancouver, consider a role with BabyGoRound. This nonprofit organization collects and distributes gently used baby gear for families in need. Every month, they assist 55 families, distributing more than five thousand items. To date, they have helped more than 950 families.

Whether you are looking for a hands-on role in the distribution of baby items or you want to be part of a fundraising event, BabyGoRound can accommodate your needs. The organization works with 85 different social service agencies in the Lower Mainland and manages the distribution of items through community partners. Volunteers are expected to join existing teams to help distribute donated items to families.


The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is a volunteer-run organization that promotes the mental health of everyone. They provide services and support for people living with mental illness. By getting involved with CMHA, you can learn about mental health and contribute to building a more accepting community.

If you enjoy helping people, there are many CMHA volunteer jobs in Vancouver available. Some of the most popular roles involve supporting the organization’s day-to-day operations. For example, volunteers assist with data entry, filing, and photocopying. They also help process donations and prepare receipts. They can even participate in fundraising events.

Many CMHA volunteer positions are located in Vancouver, but there are other locations throughout British Columbia as well. These organizations provide support and resources to help people improve their mental health, become integrated into the community, and strengthen their recovery. Volunteers can also help in other ways, such as counselling services or self-esteem centres.

Volunteers can also work remotely. Some CMHA volunteer jobs in Vancouver require that you be fully vaccinated. Whether you have a background in social services or not, you can find a suitable opportunity at the CMHA.

CMHA’s “Thank-A-Thon” event

A thank-a-thon is a great opportunity to thank donors for their support. Calling potential donors and sending them a personal thank you note can go a long way in motivating them to make another donation. Many people like to know they are appreciated, so they may make another donation to an organization that is close to their hearts. Despite the fact that relationships with donors can change over time, a thank-a-thon is the ideal way to maintain these connections.

CMHA’s Thank-A-thon event can be held at a retail location. The location is at Leon’s Peterborough (1731 Landsdowne Street West). Interested participants can bring pledges to the store or use the stationary bikes provided by Kawartha Fitness. The top fundraisers will be recognized and awarded prizes.

Before holding a thank-a-thon, start collecting donor information. Create a list of donors who give regularly. If possible, try to focus on high-value donors, monthly recurring donors, and lapsed donors. You should try to make a list of as many donors as possible, but you may have to scrub out those who have no phone numbers.

CMHA’s “Thank-A-Thon”

If you’re considering volunteering for a CMHA event, you have plenty of options. Volunteer opportunities range from writing in the “Visions” journal to participating in committee meetings to planning community events and fundraising. Whether you’re looking for a new job or just want to make a difference in the community, CMHA has hundreds of programs available for those in need.

CMHA’s “Thank-A”Thon campaign involves calling donors in order to thank them for their donations. Volunteers need to have phone stamina and a strong phone presence to effectively make the calls. They should bring their cell phones and chargers for the phone calls.

Once the phone calls are made, nonprofits should follow up with an email or phone call. Even if a caller does not respond, send a thank you note. This way, people will feel special and may choose to make a second donation. It’s also important to follow up on calls made by volunteers who aren’t able to be reached by phone. A thank-a-thon is the perfect opportunity to build a deeper connection with current and potential donors.

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