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kenya volunteer jobs

Volunteers in Kenya can work in various organizations to help alleviate poverty and ill-health. Among these organizations are the Global Crossroads, ELI, and RCDP. The volunteering hours will vary but are generally 9am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. Some organizations offer volunteer work at the hospitals, clinics, or schools of the disadvantaged.


The RCDP Kenya Volunteer Program is a great way to get involved in a community and help others. Volunteers can help out in a variety of ways, from helping out with school projects to teaching English. The RCDP will provide volunteers with meals and accommodation while in Kenya. Volunteers will stay with a Kenyan host family during the program. These families are well screened and respected in the community. They will provide a comfortable place to stay and allow volunteers to immerse themselves in the local culture.

Volunteers can also participate in conservation projects that help protect the environment. Many conservation projects are hands-on, while others teach modern farming methods. These skills can help reduce poverty and hunger in Kenya. They will also be able to learn more about alternative energy and organic farming techniques. These projects are rewarding and educational for volunteers and can help them develop new skills.

Volunteers can also participate in a language school and a special needs residential school. These schools are underfunded, and the volunteer assistance makes a big impact on students’ lives. Volunteers help in both teaching and caring for the children. Volunteers can also help raise awareness of AIDS and help deliver basic services.

Volunteers will also have the opportunity to assist in medical care at local hospitals and clinics. Volunteers will be required to assist in basic medical procedures as well as provide moral support to patients and their families. For students interested in a career in medicine, the RCDP medical volunteer program is a great option. The organization offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities in Kenya, and there is a high demand for volunteers in many sectors.

Volunteers can also volunteer to work at the International Humanity Foundation in Kenya. The International Humanity Foundation is a nonprofit organization that believes in transparency and serves the community through a global network of volunteers. The organization is led by Carol Sasaki, and has offices in Thailand, Indonesia, and Kenya. The organization aims to provide equal opportunity and respect for all. Moreover, it is open to all backgrounds and values the diversity of its volunteer community.

Global Crossroads

Global Crossroads Kenya volunteer jobs allow you to make a difference in a community in need. Through projects such as building a health clinic and distributing computers, you can teach local people how to use computers and build a better future. You will be working alongside local people and experiencing a unique cultural immersion. The work that you do will directly affect the lives of the people you will serve, including children, adults, and the elderly.

Volunteers are expected to help local children with their homework or play with them. After a long day at school, they were eager to play and relax. They also enjoyed reading in the garden, listening to CDs, and chatting with other volunteers. Volunteers also get to explore Arusha, visiting a local lake and visiting the United Nations tribunal for the Rwanda Genocide.

Volunteers in Kenya can help protect the country’s environment. The country is home to many animals and ecosystems that are of global significance, including the Big Five and endangered species. The country is also a developing country with a number of social and environmental problems, making it a great place to work and help others.

When you volunteer at Global Crossroads, you will be helping local children in need. You can also get involved with a range of projects, including non-formal education for kids and adult literacy. Many of these projects are new, and will require more volunteers in the future. However, if you start early, you’ll be rewarded for your hard work.

Volunteers will participate in daily project activities with local supervisors. You’ll be asked to develop a project scope and complete a report upon completion.


Experiential Learning International (ELI) is a registered nonprofit organization that offers affordable international volunteer jobs in over 44 countries. ELI is known for its commitment to community development, children’s rights, and environmental protection. They partner with organizations all over the world and pride themselves on being completely transparent. This means that you can be sure that the company’s programs are safe for the children and communities you’re working with.

ELI has programs throughout Kenya that are both educational and impactful. For example, the Kenyan healthcare system needs medical professionals to help out with patient care and education. The organization also works to train medical students through observation internships. Volunteers can also become involved in outreach and education efforts to support local people. ELI charges a one-time registration fee of $200 and offers 24-hour support for its volunteers.

ELI volunteer jobs in Kenya offer a range of volunteer opportunities, from teaching English to helping with homework and organizing extracurricular activities. The programs require volunteers to be patient, flexible, and have a passion for working with Kenyan children. ELI volunteers spend up to three months in Kenya in various capacities.

While Kenya is home to one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa, the country’s poorest residents remain in desperate need of help. To help alleviate this problem, ELI partners with local organizations in Kenya to provide volunteer and internship opportunities for international participants. By providing these opportunities, ELI can help the local economy and local communities, allowing them to continue to grow.

Volunteers can help conserve endangered species, help local communities, and improve schools. Many projects involve hands-on work, and some also teach modern agricultural methods to combat poverty and hunger. These programs also promote renewable energy sources and organic farming methods.


Tunapanda Institute is a nonprofit organization in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya. It offers training courses for young people on technology, design, business, and entrepreneurship. Its goal is to reduce the digital divide by providing free education to underprivileged youth. The institute is currently developing a program for younger residents of Kibera that will teach them ICT skills. It is also building a network of schools and community centers to help connect local people.

TechDada is one program that Tunapanda institute is developing to promote digital inclusion among young women in Kenya. The vision is to help young girls find a career in technology and design. By training young girls in these subjects, Tunapanda hopes to change the culture of education in the area and empower women in technology.

Volunteering in Kenya is a rewarding and worthwhile experience. It allows you to make a difference in an area where local communities and endangered wildlife populations thrive. The African country is home to a variety of globally-recognized habitats, including forests, savannah rangelands, and a variety of marine habitats. Volunteering in Kenya is a fantastic way to experience the country and its diverse wildlife while helping others.

Volunteers will be able to participate in a variety of projects, including hands-on work. In addition to helping children learn about basic science and agriculture, they can also help the local community fight hunger and poverty. The suggested daily budget for a day in Kenya is approximately US$16 – US$70.


Volunteering in Kenya can be a rewarding experience for medical students and professionals. Medical Volunteers are needed to assist in clinics and hospitals, helping to ease the burden on medical services. Volunteers will perform a variety of tasks such as taking rounds, administering basic medicines, and giving moral support to patients and their families. Medical Volunteers also participate in health campaigns to educate people about HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

IVHQ Kenya volunteer jobs can be in urban or suburban locations, such as Mombasa and Nairobi. Volunteers can also work with special needs children in Kenya, assisting with their education and daily care. Volunteers may also participate in activities related to vocational skills development, stimulation, and physical therapy. Volunteers can expect to earn around US$280 per week.

Volunteers may also volunteer at a language school or special needs residential school. Many of these schools are under-resourced and a small amount of volunteer support can make a significant difference for students. Volunteers who are passionate about working with children may want to consider Love Volunteer’s program, which helps improve the English skills of Kenyan children.

Volunteers with IVHQ may enjoy weekend trips to the coastal city of Mombasa. The city has pristine beaches and affordable lodging options. It is only an overnight bus or train ride from Nairobi. Volunteers can also take mountain biking tours through Hell’s Gate National Park. Volunteers can also assist communities in IDP camps. IVHQ volunteers have even helped start a garbage slum in Gioto, a suburb of Nairobi. Volunteers can book these outreach weekends directly through local staff during orientation.

Volunteers can also choose to work in Kenya’s education sector. For example, the Women’s Education project helps support HIV-affected women and children in developing communities. Volunteers in this project can offer companionship, childcare, and guidance. The project also seeks to empower women through income-generating projects. Volunteers with this project may also help with outreach and food programs in schools.

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