Two Brookfield cemeteries suspended burials as the last volunteers to stop

BROOKFIELD — Burials at the city’s two-century-old cemetery have been suspended amid the ongoing search for a replacement to oversee the property.

The vacancy in leadership over Central and Laurel Hill cemeteries is an example of a wider problem across the state — volunteers no longer want to be in charge of graves, and hundreds have been left behind, said Jeff Nolan, who is the lone member. from the Central Cemetery Association of Brookfield until his recent resignation.

Nolan – who is serving in an interim capacity to facilitate the succession of funeral operations despite stepping down as trustee – said it was time for the 10 acres of burial ground to be managed by trained professionals, and it was something he had been trying to make happen since 2017.

He also called for changes statewide, noting Connecticut was “unique” in its lack of oversight of cemeteries’ “operational or fiduciary obligations.”

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