Three Reasons to Donate to the Volunteers of America in Brunswick

volunteers of america brunswick

The Volunteers of America Brunswick thrift store accepts donations of gently used items from the public. These donations make it possible for the store to provide excellent deals on items. They also provide assistance to the homeless and veterans. Learn more about the various services provided by the volunteers of America in Brunswick. They will be glad to answer any questions you have. There are several reasons to donate items to these thrift stores. Here are three of them.

Thrift store

The Volunteers of America Brunswick thrift store accepts gently used items, including clothing and household items. They also accept gently used items of children’s clothing. They also accept gently used furniture and small household appliances. You can also donate gently used books, home décor, kitchenware, and used sporting and recreation equipment. The store also accepts gently used jewelry.

The Volunteers of America Brunswick thrift store is located in Brunswick, Ohio. The store offers great prices on quality merchandise, and is a great place to find unique items. Check out the hours of operation and location on their website or contact them by phone.

Affordable housing

Volunteers of America Brunswick offers affordable housing to the elderly in the Brunswick, Maine, area. It provides housing, supportive services, and community support to those in need. It operates twelve apartments with a total of 23 beds. This community-based organization serves both veterans and low-income individuals.

Volunteers of America Brunswick runs affordable housing programs in the surrounding area. They are the largest non-profit housing provider in the state and may be the largest in the country. Residents in need are assisted with rent payments, utilities, and other expenses. The organization also provides community events and social activities.

Homeless veterans

Volunteers of America Brunswick helps homeless veterans in many ways. For example, the program is building tiny homes for homeless veterans and partners with the Nine Line Foundation to construct those homes. The program also offers job training and physical health support. The goal is to create a community that provides hope for the homeless and gives these men and women a place to call home.

To provide permanent housing for homeless veterans in Brunswick, the organization has partnered with local organizations and state agencies. This effort will help build 21 energy-efficient cabins that are designed to help the homeless veterans and their families. They will be located on 11 acres of wooded land. The organization will also build 16 one-bedroom cabins that will provide privacy.


Volunteers of America Brunswick is a community service club with a mission to provide affordable housing for low-income elderly people. The organization is a parent-exempt nonprofit. Those who volunteer may be of any age and can work one-time shifts or be a regular contributor.

The volunteer centre is the volunteer organization’s main office. It promotes volunteerism, coordinates resources and people, and provides consultation and information services to the community. Donations are tax-deductible and can be made online. You can also request a tax receipt when making a financial contribution.


If you’re looking for some great deals on items, look no further than the Volunteers of America Brunswick Thrift Store. This store is located at 1480 Pearl Rd # 8, Brunswick, and has a great selection of clothing and other products. You can also find home goods, furniture, and more for great prices. Whether you’re shopping for a bargain couch or an entire dining room table, thrift stores are the perfect place to find a great deal.

The Volunteers of America Brunswick branch is located in Brunswick, Maine, and serves the local community as a nonprofit organization. It provides a wide range of services, including residential care for people with mental illnesses and homelessness. In addition, this branch offers assistance in finding jobs and relocating, and provides transportation.

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