The court-appointed group of CT child advocates extends to Torrington

When a child is a victim of abuse or neglect and the state gets involved, they need someone to support them, to guide them through trials and meetings with lawyers and judges.

They also need a friend, a positive adult to advocate for their interests, give them quality time and let them be who they are – children.

This advocate is a volunteer with Connecticut CASA — Special Court Appointed Advocates, who provide their services to the youngest and most vulnerable populations in the court system. Connecticut’s CASA agency trains its volunteers and supervises them to report independent, impartial information to the courts in child abuse and neglect cases.

‘Best interests of the child’

Harriet “Kyn” Tolson, a CASA advocate who began her training in 2020, has worked on foster care and protective oversight cases, particularly with children. Recently, she worked on multiple sibling cases that included younger children in foster care.

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