Senior center seeking volunteers 7th October –

Who: St. Clair
When: October 7th
Where: St. Clair
What: Senior Expo

The day before the exhibition (approx. 1:00- Approx. 5:00)
-put up signs for each station, entry signs, door signs, etc. 2 volunteers
-assisted vendors to their area and by organizing their 2 volunteers

Expo Day (06.00 – 13.00)
-put balloons and signs outside 1 volunteer
– direct traffic outside (starts around 7:00) 3-4 volunteers
-assist vendors into their area and by setting up 2-3 volunteers
-providing food, drinks, making coffee (upstairs and downstairs) 2 volunteers

Next shift (7:30-1:00)
-enter participants (upstairs and downstairs) 3-4 volunteers
-directing traffic inside, answer the questions of 2 volunteers
-give bags, maps, surveys, etc. 2 volunteers
-enter participants at the station 20-30 volunteers
-give a survey to each vendor then collect it before they leave 1 volunteer
-runner (brings drinks to vendors, makes copies, etc.) 1-2 volunteers
-responsible for door prizes- drawing names, handing out prizes, etc. 1 volunteer
-Fill food, drink, make coffee 1-2 volunteers
-Clean up, help vendors pack up and leave 2 volunteers
-took a survey from participants 1 volunteer

Contact: Laura Grissom at [email protected] or (615) 848-2550 to register.

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