Searching & Finding the Life That’s Meant: Mercy Volunteer Corps

On a recent chaplaincy evening Sister Cheryl discussed with us various aspects of spirituality. He asked the very meaningful question, “What are some of the tools, activities, and ways that best involve your spiritual growth?” I share how much I love to seek out and be open to synchronicities in life’s seasons. I think it’s in our little moments that we do things with intention – whether it’s our own or sharing it with others, it often surprises us and reminds us that life has so much to offer beauty, connection, and adventure.

As Mercy Volunteers, we are given the opportunity for a year to seek and discover new experiences. We then share them with our community and grow from them personally. As I reflect on our time in Cincinnati so far, Naiomi and I have taken many wonderful outings together. These include visiting the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, walking through the historic Over the Rhine district, the Cincinnati Zoo, street fairs, cat cafes, Loveland Castle, and a sunny fall day on the farm. The city permeates the smells and sounds of artistic passion. The surrounding area holds a treasure trove of serene gardens, landscaped gardens and panoramic river city views.

In addition to the many delightful sights and entertaining events that the city freely offers, I realized that we must answer the call to seek and find. For example, with a community dinner, the two of us seek out new recipes and eat together. We show gratitude for what others have thought and worked for. This has been the part of the week I’ve been looking forward to and really enjoying the results. It showed me how I can eat at home and that our community’s food has given me fresh inspiration to go the extra mile and try new flavors. I gained some search and find experience at Lydia Home, the shelter I currently serve. Like venturing into a foreign city to find great places and gatherings, it also takes a genuine intention to seek to build new relationships and discover resources that can make a big impact on the guests we serve. Seeking and finding ways to live life with more intention is what I want to continue to practice during this year of service!

Faith Casella Lopez: Cincinnati, Ohio

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