Michigan Volunteers of America

michigan volunteers of america

A ministry-based organization, the Michigan Volunteers of America (VOAMI) provides food, shelter, employment, and other services to those in need. From helping the homeless to helping seniors, VOAMI’s programs benefit those who need a hand up the most. Through car donations, you can contribute to these worthy causes.

VOAMI is a ministry based organization

VOAMI is a ministry centered organization in Michigan that offers supportive services to people in need. These services include emergency housing, transportation assistance, and dependent care. They also provide pre-employment and pre-training medical screenings, and conduct background checks. Moreover, they will cover the costs of final tests and licensure exams.

It provides help for the homeless

The Michigan Volunteers of America are a non-profit organization that helps the homeless in the state. Founded over 125 years ago, the organization works to help the needy and underserved in their community. The group’s motto is “Help the least of these” and their mission is to “reach and uplift.” Volunteers of America Michigan organizations help people with a range of needs, including housing, homelessness, emergency assistance, and the elderly.

The Michigan Volunteers of America has a housing program for veterans that has 60 beds and provides medical care and case management. Additionally, the organization offers assistance with substance abuse and credit repair. Other programs include a Lansing Veterans Outreach Program, which provides case management and provides food and clothing for veterans.

It provides food for the hungry

In a recent effort to help the hungry in Michigan, TV6 and FOX UP donated a combined $2,000 to Feeding America. The nonprofit organization provides food to those in need in Upper Michigan and Northern Wisconsin. According to Rick Rhoades, vice president of TV6 & FOX UP, the organization plans to add three more mobile food pantries to Marquette County next month.

In order to help the hungry in southeast Michigan, monetary donations are the most important way to help. Michigan Volunteers of America will match your gift dollar for dollar up to $150,000, so you can be sure that every dollar you give will go directly to their food programs. The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan also partners with local grocers, manufacturers, and distributors to leverage every dollar you donate into six meals.

It provides housing for seniors

Volunteers of America is a nonprofit organization that provides housing and services for the elderly. Its programs include assisted living, nursing homes, and other types of housing. Its services also include social services and referrals to other government assistance programs. For example, if a senior needs help applying for free government health care, the organization can assist them with this.

Volunteers of America also operates thrift stores. The money raised in these stores goes toward running their offices and funding their housing and financial assistance programs. The stores’ inventory will vary depending on the location. Some stores carry clothing, while others specialize in household items, kitchen supplies, and appliances.

It works to end veteran homelessness

The Michigan Volunteers of America is committed to ending veteran homelessness. In the last two years, the group has housed over 400 homeless veterans in the state. To reach their goal, they have partnered with several agencies. Among these organizations are Community Rebuilders, the Hope Network, Volunteers of America Michigan, and the Grand Rapids Area Coalition to End Homelessness. As part of the initiative, they worked with veterans to identify those in need. The agencies have set up a ceremony at Calvin College on Tuesday to honor the work of their respective organizations.

Volunteers of America Michigan is an organization that partners with local groups to provide services to homeless veterans. It works to make homeless veterans’ lives stable by providing them with the basics they need to live a dignified life. The organization offers case management and medical care, addiction treatment, and credit repair services. It also runs a housing program for veterans in Lansing that provides case management and food.

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