Know Your Volunteer With Aadhaar Card

know your volunteer with aadhaar card

Aadhaar card is an easy way to know your volunteer’s complete details. You can use the Aadhaar number to verify the volunteer’s identity, name, and contact details. You can also use the Aadhaar number to check whether the volunteer has the right to volunteer.

AP Grama Sachivalayam to know your volunteer

AP Grama Sachivalayam has started providing services to the citizens of Andhra Pradesh through a website. The website provides details of government volunteers and their salaries. The remuneration for these volunteers will be credited directly to the volunteer’s bank account.

AP Grama Sachivalayam has released the schedule for recruitment of volunteers. There will be two sessions – a morning session and an evening session. Each session will last for 150 minutes. The exam will be conducted in English and Telugu languages.

You can apply for a variety of jobs with the state’s government, including public services. You can find job descriptions and other important information on the website. AP Grama Sachivalayam also has a helpline number, which you can call if you need help.

You can verify the details of your volunteer with your Aadhaar card by logging on to the official website. Once you log in, you will be asked to provide your Aadhaar card number and a captcha. Then, you’ll be able to find out your volunteer’s name, AP Grama Sachivalayam code, MANDAL, and district.

AP Grama Sachivalayam

Aadhaar card is a unique identification number that can be used to identify a volunteer. The government of Andhra Pradesh has assigned a single volunteer to every fifty families. This volunteer will be responsible for the government’s welfare programs. The AP Grama Sachivalayam has launched an online service to know your volunteer.

The AP Grama Sachivalayam recruitment process is expected to take place during the second week of August. There will be two examination sessions, morning and evening. Each session will last for 150 minutes. The questions will be written in English and Telugu.

The Aadhaar card is required to access the online portal. There are some security issues that you must be aware of before you proceed. First, you must check if your volunteer has a valid Aadhaar card. Then, verify your volunteer’s details by providing their Aadhaar card number and captcha.


If you want to volunteer with UIDAI, you will have to have an Aadhaar card. This unique identification number is a one-stop identity verification system for all Indian citizens. Without your Aadhaar card, you can’t apply for government subsidies and other benefits. To make your appointment, you can visit UIDAI’s website and choose “My Aadhaar”. On the next page, click on “Book an Appointment”.

The UIDAI has a variety of databases related to its Aadhaar program. One of these databases is the central identities database. UIDAI has also worked with various states to develop their SRDH, or state-based data hubs.

Aadhaar verification requires you to provide a mobile number registered with your UIDAI Aadhaar. After submitting the form, the Aadhaar will send you an OTP. Once you enter the OTP, your Aadhaar will be updated. You will receive an update request number, which will let you track the status of your Aadhaar.

The government has enacted rules to expand the use of Aadhaar authentication for governmental services. For example, it can be used by law enforcement agencies to verify your identity. In addition, Aadhaar authentication can be used to prevent the dissipation of social welfare benefits. The government also says it will never refuse to provide a service to a person without an Aadhaar card.

UIDAI Aadhaar

If you are a volunteer, you can request an Aadhaar card by calling the UIDAI toll-free helpline number. You will be asked to provide your mobile number and a captcha code. You will also need to submit a photograph. The UIDAI will verify your details before issuing the card.

You can also get an Aadhaar by visiting the nearest Aadhaar centre. A representative will collect your biometric details, including thumbprint and IRIS scan. After the biometric details are verified, you can download your Aadhaar. After completing all the process, you can manage your appointments.

The UIDAI website allows you to order an Aadhaar card online. The service costs Rs 50, including GST and postage. It may take up to 90 days to receive the card. You can also choose an alternate number for the card. You can use the alternate number if you need to, which saves the time of having to wait for your new Aadhaar card.

The ACB has asked the UIDAI to provide information regarding the fraudulently issued Aadhaar cards. The agency says it does not object to sharing the information with the investigation agency.


To verify your identity, you have to enter your 12-digit Aadhaar card number on the website. Once you have entered this number, you will receive an OTP that you will need to confirm. This will allow you to access certain government services. If you do not have an alternate mobile number, you can use one of the services like net banking or UPI.

You can use your Aadhaar number to apply for volunteer positions. You can check the list of available positions on the official website. Once you find a good match, you can fill out an application for the job. To qualify for the position, you must know the basic details of the job you’re applying for.

You can also download your Aadhaar card online. You will need your 12-digit Aadhaar number and proof of address. You will also need to provide a mobile number. To download the Aadhaar card, you must have a registered mobile number and an OTP.

To link your Aadhaar card to your bank account, you must follow the procedures mentioned above. However, be careful not to divulge your personal information to telemarketers. This will prevent scammers from accessing your personal information.

Contact details

If you want to contact a Grama/Ward Volunteer, you can easily find their contact details with the help of his Aadhaar Card number. These details include his Name, Contact Number, CLUSTER NAME, SACHIVALAYAM NAME, MANDAL NAME, and DISTRICT NAME.

If you know the contact details of a volunteer, you can easily enquire about rations and welfare schemes of the government. You can post your queries and get the answers to your questions. You can also get the contact details of the volunteers through a comment session.

Aadhaar card is a unique identification number provided to every Indian citizen. It has become a mandatory piece of information for most transactions now, including direct cash transfers. This identification number is also linked to a person’s Permanent Account Number (PAN).

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