Know Your Volunteer in AP Sachivalayam

know your volunteer in ap

You may want to know how to know your volunteer in AP Sachivalayam. There are many ways to do so, including registering their aadhar number and contact details. This will ensure that they’re properly registered and that you can be sure that they’re doing a good job.

AP Sachivalayam knows your volunteer

In Andhra Pradesh, the government has made it possible to find out the status of your volunteer through the know your volunteer link. You can lookup your volunteer’s information by using your Aadhar card number. This information will be available to every volunteer in the state. You can also print out your results so that you can refer to them at a later date.

To apply, you must visit the official website of AP Sachivalayam. The site will display an online application form and PDF notification. Fill in basic details, pay the application fee online, upload documents, and confirm your information. If you have completed the registration process successfully, you can access your admit card. This document will have your exam date, photo, and other information. Applicants should verify that the name on their admit card matches the name on their application form.

Once you have logged in to the official website, you will see a page asking you to input your Volunteer’s details. The details of the volunteer include their name, contact number, and CLUSTER NAME. There is also a section that asks you to enter your Aadhaar card number to verify the volunteer’s details. You can also find information on the Volunteer’s district or Mandal.

The Andhra Pradesh government has introduced 3842 ward Sachivalayams across the state. Each ward is governed by an administrative secretary. The administrative secretary is responsible for the daily activities of each ward. In addition to governing the ward, the JNM, ANM, and women police are also required to be a part of the functions of the ward Sachivalayam. The AP government estimates that there are approximately 500-600 houses in the state that are run by one of these Sachivalayams. The goal of this initiative is to reach out to as many people as possible. You can expect to be working on this project for two years at a time.

The age limit for the AP Sachivalayam volunteer recruitment is 18-35 years old. However, candidates from OBC or SC/ST communities can get 3 years of age relaxation. In addition, candidates with higher education are also eligible to apply. The basic salary of an AP Sachivalayam volunteer is around 20K to 30K. This is one of the highest salaries in the market.

AP Sachivalayam knows your volunteer’s aadhar number

AP Sachivalayam is a program which assigns a volunteer to every fifty families. This volunteer is called a grama volunteer, and is responsible for distributing benefits from government organizations. Your AP volunteer’s Aadhar number is needed to get the information you need.

You can also get the list of all the test centers where you can apply. You can download this information from the official website. The recruitment test will be conducted in two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each session will last 150 minutes. The exam questions will be in English and Telugu.

You can also register complaints at the toll free number 1902. This number will help you report any problems. You can also contact the AP Sachivalayam customer support at its toll free number (1902). If you’ve forgotten your password, you can use the forgot password option.

If you’re unsure whether your volunteer’s Aadhar number is public, you can check it on their official website. It will ask for their name, mobile number, CLUSTER NAME, and SACHIVALAYAM CODE. You’ll need to provide a Captcha to verify the information.

AP Sachivalayam’s preliminary key will be available along with your results. Your application number, DOB, subject-wise marks, and name will be on this document. As for the age requirement, you need to be between 18 and 35 years old. The age limit depends on the region of your state or locality.

The Andhra Pradesh Grama Sachivalayam website is a valuable resource for government services. Through this portal, you can apply for government schemes and Yojanas online. This service can help the public avoid long lines at government offices and make government services faster and easier to get.

AP Sachivalayam knows your volunteer’s contact details

If you are looking for contact details of your volunteer in Andhra Pradesh, you have come to the right place. AP Sachivalayam has a link that allows you to know your volunteer’s status and contact details. You can also print these details for future reference.

The information you can find includes your Volunteer’s Name, Aadhaar Card Number, Mobile Number, CLUSTER NAME, SACHIVALAYAM CODE, Mandal and District. The website also asks you to enter your Volunteer’s Aadhaar card number to verify their identity.

Your volunteer’s contact details can also be helpful if you need to enquire about government schemes like rations. You can also post your queries through the comment session. This way, AP Sachivalayam will be able to contact your volunteer for further clarifications. If you have any other queries, the helpline will be able to help you. You can also find the details of your volunteer by looking at their profile.

Once you’ve checked the details of your AP Sachivalayam volunteer, you can fill out an online application form. You’ll find a PDF notification and application form on the website. After filling out the application form and making payment online, you can upload your documents and confirm your eligibility to become a volunteer. When you’re done, enter your login details and DOB and you’ll be directed to your AP Sachivalayam volunteer admit card. The admit card will contain your name, age, and other details. You must also confirm your father’s name on the admit card.

The age limit for AP Sachivalayam volunteer recruitment is 18 to 35 years, but there are relaxations for candidates with SC, ST, or OBC status. In addition, candidates with higher education are eligible to apply. The basic salary is around 20K to 30K, which is quite good compared to the market.

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