Jobs at Volunteers of America

jobs at volunteers of america

AmeriCorps Community Health Workers

AmeriCorps Community Health Workers are front-line public health advocates. They lead classes and organize community service projects. They also make home visits and assist at local healthcare facilities. They live in the communities they serve. In addition to receiving a paycheck, they receive financial support from state-wide organizations and healthcare facilities. In addition, AmeriCorps CHWs receive training in public health, leadership tools, creative communication, and alternative fundraising.

MercyOne in Clive, Iowa, has welcomed AmeriCorps members into its CHW program. The organization recently received a $160,000 AmeriCorps grant to train eight of its members as CHWs. The grant also supports other programs focusing on healthy futures, environmental stewardship, and economic opportunities. The organization was one of 19 organizations to receive funding for the 2021-2022 program year.

AmeriCorps Community Housing Workers

AmeriCorps is a national service organization that connects people with meaningful service opportunities in communities across the country. The organization was established in 1990 by President George H.W. Bush, and expanded in 1993 by President Bill Clinton. The program’s mission is to provide opportunity to serve in public service by empowering citizens to make a positive impact in their communities.

The AmeriCorps NCCC service program engages nearly 75,000 Americans annually in intensive service to their communities. These individuals contribute to making communities safer and more affordable, while learning new skills and expanding their personal growth.

Community Housing

Volunteers of America is a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide affordable housing to the needy. Their programs help people in many categories including low-income households, elderly individuals, and people with disabilities. Founded in 1896, the organization now serves over 2 million people in more than 400 communities across the United States. They help homeless families, children, and seniors find affordable housing and other services.

The organization also helps veterans and military families, providing rental assistance, assisted living and home health care, as well as job training and counseling. Their homelessness veterans reintegration program helps veterans become re-integrated into the community. Senior citizens may also apply for government health care, including Medicaid, through Volunteers of America.

Community Housing Coordinator

The Community Housing Coordinator is responsible for conducting community-wide outreach and assisting eligible households with housing search and housing options. In addition to this, the coordinator assists in understanding leases and tenant rights. The coordinator engages landlords and uses the OneHome system to identify available permanent housing stock. They also conduct education and guidance for program participants. Finally, the coordinator oversees the housing database and conducts quarterly check-ins with program participants.

Volunteers of America is a nonprofit housing development organization that started in 1896. It has grown to be the fourth largest nonprofit developer of affordable housing in the United States. The organization is an excellent place to work if you’re passionate about ending homelessness and providing safe, affordable housing.

Community Housing Specialists

As a Community Housing Specialist, you will coordinate a variety of housing services for homeless participants. You will help clients obtain and maintain housing and provide guidance and support to help them live independently and safely. Working in a team environment, you will partner with other staff members and providers to meet clients’ needs. Your role will include completing a thorough eligibility screening process with referred clients. You will also coordinate referrals from multiple community sources and maintain a database of housing opportunities.

The Volunteers of America Delaware Valley (VOAV) is a nonprofit social service agency that has been providing services to the vulnerable population for over 130 years. With more than 400 mission-driven professionals serving the community, VOADV strives to create a better quality of life for every client.

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