How to Volunteer to Help Afghan Refugees

how to volunteer to help afghan refugees

If you’re wondering how to volunteer to help Afghanistan’s refugees, there are a variety of organizations and programs that you can consider. You can help by offering to pick up refugees at the airport, providing meal assistance, mentoring or tutoring. You can also sign up for standby lists and donate to organizations that aid refugees in different parts of Afghanistan.


Lapis, an Afghan restaurant in DC, is helping local Afghan refugees through a volunteer drive. They have collected donations at two DC restaurants and are partnering with Lutheran Social Services and the International Rescue Committee to make sure they receive the items they need. In addition to food, Lapis is collecting gift cards and other items for families to purchase at the local market.

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) has 28 offices in the United States to help refugees. Its work includes helping newly arrived Afghans and resettling those who worked in Afghanistan. It has received over 70,000 Afghans since August 2021, and it is working to help a further 10,000 families settle in the U.S. As refugees, these families often have little or no possessions, so the International Rescue Committee’s programs help them get started by providing them with housing, food, and basic necessities.

A volunteer’s support is also vital to help the Afghan refugees adjust to life in the U.S. In addition to providing assistance at the Mustafa Center, volunteers can help with airport pick-up, apartment set-up, and household necessities. Moreover, Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington is accepting new or gently used household items and hygiene supplies for families. They can be reached on their Facebook page.

Lapis is one of many volunteers who works in the D.C. area. She tries to make sure that every Afghan is provided with a safe and warm home. She says it is very important for the community to understand the plight of refugees and try to make it easier for them to cope. The Afghan government has not made it easy for people to settle in the U.S., and this is a major problem for many of them.

Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington

Helping Afghan refugees is a great way to give back to your community. You can give your time by providing interpretive services, collecting gently used clothing, or donating food and toiletries. You can also sign up to volunteer for various projects and help out by raising funds.

The Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington is one of many organizations assisting with the resettlement process. They have been important in providing aid and support to the refugees who were displaced in the past, and now they’re taking on new responsibilities to help the Afghan people settle in. They are also working with other local organizations to help Afghans with their resettlement. They help out by providing food, clothes, furniture, and other necessities for the families in need.

If you’d like to help Afghan refugees in the United States, you can sign up to volunteer for one of the many programs ACSGW offers. The organization is always in need of volunteers. For example, if you’d like to help provide food to Afghan families, you can sign up to be a volunteer for a meal program or a homework program. You can also help out by providing diapers and other items for the refugees.

Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington is a nonprofit organization that works to resettle Afghan refugees in the Washington, D.C. area. The organization coordinates volunteer efforts, conducts food drives, and offers wraparound services. One such program is called I Support the Girls, and volunteers can help with the distribution of feminine hygiene products to women and girls in refugee families in Northern Virginia. You can also contact Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington on Facebook for more information.

The recent arrival of thousands of Afghans has sparked a huge need in the D.C. area. Local agencies and businesses are collecting supplies and welcoming volunteers to help the newly arrived Afghans. Despite the challenges and uncertainty of the situation, Maryland and Virginia have declared that they will continue to host Afghans. However, the situation continues to develop, and local organizations are finding ways to provide services and support for these Special Immigrant Visa holders.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities in Houston has volunteer opportunities for those who wish to help Afghan refugees. These newcomers need help setting up their homes and finding food and clothes. Volunteers from the Allen County area will help these families transition from life in a war zone to a new life in a safe environment.

You can volunteer with Catholic Charities by participating in a prayer group or providing food and clothing. Other volunteer opportunities include teaching English or joining a parish school to help refugees. The organization also provides resources on the gospel mandate to welcome the stranger. If you have a spare room in your home, you can host an Afghan refugee family.

The charity has worked with dozens of Afghan families in their quest to resettle in the United States. Since the Sept. 11 attacks, about fifty-nine families have made their way to the United States. The organization has facilitated the process of helping them find housing and find jobs.

Volunteers can become a mentor to a family. The program pairs new Afghan families with a dedicated volunteer to help them become part of the community. The mentor provides essential support in the home and helps the new family learn English. The mentor also helps with basic tasks like grocery shopping and basic banking. The volunteer needs to be flexible and willing to work two hours a week for this project.

Catholic Charities is accepting donations and volunteer opportunities to help Afghan refugees in New Jersey. Volunteers will help set up an apartment, deliver groceries, or teach English to the Afghan refugees. Volunteers also help the refugees with legal issues.

World Relief

The World Relief Volunteer program offers opportunities for people to give their time and resources to serve millions of vulnerable people in the developing world each year. Through this program, volunteers help with everything from welcoming newcomers at the airport to preparing new homes for refugees and immigrants. In addition to helping refugees and immigrants adjust to their new lives, World Relief volunteers also help with citizenship applications and teach ESL classes.

The United States military withdrew from Afghanistan in August 2021, leaving many Afghans at risk. Since then, World Relief has facilitated the evacuation of 84,600 Afghans to the U.S., including 3,419 Afghans in the last year. They have provided the resources necessary to help the refugees recover.

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

You can make a difference in the lives of Afghan refugees by volunteering with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS), a nonprofit organization based in Baltimore, Maryland. Volunteers provide support in a variety of areas, from providing translation services to helping Afghans set up their new homes and begin their new lives. You can also help with advocacy and English classes, or simply provide food and transportation to refugees.

If you are interested in helping the refugees, you can donate toiletries, clothing, and other items. This organization is currently seeking donations of toiletries, houseware, food, and water. The group will also be conducting donation drives in Northern California. If you’d like to give a day or two, you can volunteer with the organization or a local church to help the Afghan refugees.

You can also volunteer with the Refugee Assistance Program. Upon arrival, refugees are often homeless and have little in the way of belongings. They’re not familiar with American culture and customs, so helping them settle in can be an excellent way to give back to your community. Many Afghan families and individuals are resettling in the Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Wausau, and Fox Valley area. Volunteers with these agencies can assist them with housing, transportation, employment, and other benefits.

Volunteers with LIRS can help refugees apply for asylum in the U.S. The process for asylum is complicated, with long backlogs. Aspirants must submit documents verifying their work with women’s rights groups in the country, and other details to support their application.

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