How to Volunteer for World Central Kitchen

how to volunteer for world central kitchen

Volunteering for the World Central Kitchen is a great way to help those in need and make a difference in the lives of others. Some people are inspired by the many stories that World Central Kitchen has shared. Read about how this organization has helped people in times of natural disasters, government shutdowns, and humanitarian crises.

Kent Woodman spent 16 days volunteering with World Central Kitchen in Ukraine

Kent Woodman, a lawyer from D.C., spent 16 days volunteering with World Central Kitchen in Ukraine to help refugees in need. The organization provides meals to displaced people around the world, and Woodman’s team sourced the ingredients, prepared the meals, and distributed the food to those in need. In addition to preparing meals, WCK volunteers also helped with logistics. Overnight ferries were used to transport food supplies from one city to another. And volunteers worked to ensure that the food was prepared and presented to the highest standards.

Scott Sloyer will volunteer with World Central Kitchen in Poland

Scott Sloyer is a native of Hutchinson, Kansas, and is headed to Poland to help Ukrainian refugees. Two years ago, he worked for a company that supports humanitarian endeavors, and now he has the opportunity to volunteer while still working. This time, he will volunteer with World Central Kitchen, which provides meals in response to crises, including climate change, disasters, and humanitarian crises. The organization also works to build resilient food systems.

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