How to Volunteer for Planned Parenthood

Volunteering at Planned Parenthood offers a variety of opportunities. You can help with phone banking, putting together pamphlets or mailings, or creating safe sex packs. The organization also has youth-led programs. You can find a volunteer position that suits your schedule and interests.

Planned Parenthood relies on donations and public funding

Planned Parenthood receives grants and private donations to run its health centers. In addition, it has a sliding-scale fee structure that charges based on the patient’s income. But the organization has faced attacks and threats in recent years. Its facilities have been subjected to arson, vandalism, and bomb threats. A nonprofit organization called the Feminist Majority Foundation recently released a report detailing the level of violence experienced by abortion providers in the first half of 2016.

Planned Parenthood is also supported by Title X funding, which is the country’s only federally-funded family planning program. This program, which became law in 1970, funds specialized clinics and nonprofit health care centers that provide health care to women in need. Planned Parenthood receives nearly half of the funding from the program each year, which is crucial for the organization’s ability to provide services to people who would otherwise have no access to them.

If federal funds were cut, Planned Parenthood would face drastic changes to how it provides services. The group did not respond to requests for comment, but the GAO estimates that 390,000 women would lose access to services and 650,000 women would receive less preventive care if federal funding is taken away. Defunding the organization would also affect women in rural and economically disadvantaged communities the most.

Planned Parenthood is dependent on public and private funding to keep its doors open. The organization receives about $500 million per year from the federal government, most of which comes from Medicaid and Title X programs. This money is used for services for low-income women, and Planned Parenthood is one of the largest providers of contraceptives.

The controversial videos showed Planned Parenthood employees discussing the sale of fetal tissue. While Planned Parenthood denies selling fetal tissue, the video footage has raised concerns about the organization’s ethical standards. Despite its widespread criticism, the organization’s financial health has not been threatened by the scandal.

It offers volunteer nights for those with tight schedules

Volunteering does not have to be difficult if you have the time. You can sign up for volunteer events on a regular basis, or you can choose an individual event. Individual events are easier to schedule than regular volunteer commitments, so you can start small. However, you will have to sacrifice some of your own personal time to be able to commit to volunteer nights. For example, you might give up a night of socializing or a family activity so that you can dedicate a couple of hours to your cause.

Volunteer nights also provide a way to give back to a local community by getting involved. Volunteers can dress up and celebrate their accomplishments by organizing a special event. A special evening can include a catered dinner, a special toast, and fun activities for all. There can also be a photo booth or silent auction. These events are a great way to show gratitude and appreciation to volunteers while networking with other community members.

It offers volunteer escorts

The Washington-based Women’s Abortion Defending Trust Fund (WACDTF) offers volunteer escorts for planned motherhood clinics. The organization’s training manual encourages volunteers to be vigilant and assertive, and to ignore protesters. Escorts should greet patients, keep protesters away from the clinic, and avoid engaging with the media. According to the organization’s Volunteer Code of Conduct, escorts must be at least 10 feet away from protesters.

Volunteer escorts at clinics are responsible for guiding patients safely into and out of the building. Volunteers have recently shown up to help during an oppressive four-day heat wave, and they show up rain or shine. They show up during heat advisory and winter storm warnings, and even when protesters show up with rosary beads and literature.

In New York State, a Planned Parenthood clinic often has a volunteer escort to accompany patients. The escorts are a key element of the clinic’s security plan, because protesters sometimes try to block the clinic’s entrances.

Some of these states have enacted laws restricting access to abortion, such as Texas’ law banning the procedure after a baby’s heartbeat is detected. Missouri, Kentucky, and Oklahoma have also passed similar laws in the last two years. Mississippi’s ban is also expected to be upheld by the Supreme Court, which has a conservative majority. Many anti-abortion advocates expect the ruling to uphold the law.

The Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force is a volunteer group that promotes peaceful access to reproductive healthcare. They train individuals to serve as clinic escorts. While most people don’t have the ability to give abortions or fight for reproductive rights in the courts or in Congress, they can do other things to help. They can donate to abortion funds or volunteer with activist groups. A volunteer escort at a clinic is one of the most direct ways to make a difference.

It has a youth-led program

Planned Parenthood has a youth-led program that focuses on sexual education. In partnership with the Anchorage community, the program aims to raise awareness about the issues facing young people and honors those who serve as unsung heroes. The organization also offers its Humanitarian Award to young people who work to make their communities better and participate in local government. The organization also partners with communities and organizations in low and middle-income countries to help improve the health and reproductive outcomes of young people. In 2017, the organization provided capacity-building and technical assistance to five partner organizations.

The program is free, and members meet for regular two-hour meetings. The youth are also available to speak to small groups and organizations. The program is available in the Tri-Cities. The youth are able to present to both adults and young adults about sexual health and issues. Getting involved in the program is a great way to earn volunteer hours and gain experience, as well as to build community.

The youth-led IN*clued program aims to decrease teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The program combines LGBTQ-focused health education with inclusive sex education. The youth-led program also offers two 90-minute workshops for health center staff and providers.

The Global Consensus Statement was developed with the help of the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning and the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health. The statement has been signed by more than 200 organizations that are committed to advancing meaningful adolescent and youth engagement. By signing this statement, organizations commit to annual reporting to MAYE and submitting an evidence review on effective adolescent and youth engagement strategies.

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